Valentine’s Day Baby Names Mean Love

February 14, 2020 Linda Rosenkrantz
valentine's day baby names

Valentine’s Day baby names mean love and romance in every possible way.  Today we look at some of the names that mean love, bringing an extra measure of tender feeling to your own little lovebug.

Names That Mean Love

Amadea — Amadea is a Latin name meaning “God’s beloved”. This female spin on the famous first name of composer Mozart is a romantic update on Amy or Amanda. 

Amias, Amyas — Another name beginning with the Latin prefix for love, this boy name is beginning to get some attention as a quasi-unique name with an attractive  sound and feel.

Amor or Amora — Bestselling novelist Amor Towles introduced this Latin name meaning love. Amora or Amoris are the female counterparts.

Carys — Cara means dear, and several names embody that meaning, including this sweet Welsh example that became known in the US when Catherine ZetaJones and Michael Douglas chose it for their daughter in 2003.

Cordelia — This lovely Shakespearean name meaning heart is teetering on the edge of the US Top 1000.

David — Lovers of classic names need look no further than David for a strong traditional name meaning love. If you want something a little more unusual, you might consider the variation Davis

Drury — This French surname name meaning dear one or sweetheart has an appealing sound, as well as an irresistible meaning. Drury Lane is a famous London street and theater.

Esme – This wonderful Salinger name gets its beloved meaning from a relation to the French Aimee. A Twilight saga vampire name, it can take on the stylish nickname Maisie.

Kalila – A lovely, lilting Arabic name meaning beloved, Kalila is also the name of a range of mythical mountains. 

Kerensa — This Cornish/Welsh name meaning love would make a nice, more exotic, update to Karen; it can also be spelled Kerenza.

Lennon — Lennon, an Irish surname meaning “lover”, is a wonderful way to honor a musical hero who frequently wrote about love.

Mila — The international Mila has exploded in popularity in recent years and is nearing the Top 10. It means “dear”.

Reese and Rhys — Reese and Rhys are twinned versions of the same name, Welsh for “ardor”. Reese, which brings to mind actress Witherspoon, is gender-neutral, while Rhys is used more often for boys.

Valentina and Valentine — What would a story about Valentine’s Day baby names be with Valentina, Valentine, and such other variations as Valentin and Valentino? One of the ultimate romantic names.