Christmas Baby Names: The Ultimate Guide

Christmas Baby Names: The Ultimate Guide

Christmas names range from the literal – like Natalie and Noel, which both mean “Christmas” – to the more subtle, like Piper, Cassia, Felix and Shepherd.

Christmas is a magical time to welcome a new baby into the family, and choosing a name with a festive meaning or connection is a great way to honor the special season of their birth.

Here you’ll find a wide selection of our favorite Christmas baby names for boys and girls, as well as advice on where to look for further festive naming inspiration. Happy holidays!

Top Christmas Names

The top Christmas baby names in the US – and on Nameberry – tend to be evergreen choices like Angel, Joseph, Natalie and Stella, which are popular year round.

Each year, the UK baby name data reveals a big boost for festive names like Holly, Ivy and Robin in December. Unfortunately, US name data isn’t broken down by month in the same way, but our site stats for December do show a significant increase in searches for seasonal names.

The top Christmas names below all rank within the current Top 200 baby names in the US, and cover a range of styles. They include Biblical figures, names with festive meanings, names with Christmas connections, and winter nature names.

  1. Alaia

  2. Angel

  3. Asher

  4. Clara

  5. Cole

  6. David

  7. Emmanuel

  8. Gabriel

  9. Ivy

  10. Jasper

  11. Joseph

  12. Juniper

  13. Lucia

  14. Melody

  15. Malachi

  16. Natalia

  17. Nathaniel

  18. Piper

  19. Rowan

  20. Scarlett

  21. Serenity

  22. Stella

  23. Theodore

  24. Zoe

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Christmas Names for Girls

Cool Christmas names for girls include some beautiful international choices with Christmassy meanings, like Anjali “gift”, Chiara “light” and Irina “peace”.

Some of these lovely festive girl names are among the hottest names on Nameberry this monthEvangeline and Seraphina both make our Top 100 for girls, despite ranking much lower on the official charts. And many other Christmas names for girls, like Beatrix, Felicity, Sylvie and Winter, also fit in that stylish naming “sweet spot” – not too popular, not too wild.

Here are some of our favorite Christmas girl names, from a range of styles and sources.

  1. Alba

  2. Angelica

  3. Anjali

  4. Beatrix

  5. Bianca

  6. Bonnie

  7. Celeste

  8. Chiara

  9. Evangeline

  10. Felicity

  11. Gemma

  12. Gloria

  13. Irina

  14. Jovie

  15. Maryam

  16. Mirabel

  17. Noelle

  18. Lucinda

  19. Lux

  20. Pandora

  21. Seraphina

  22. Sylvie

  23. Virginia

  24. Winter

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Christmas Names for Boys

Cool Christmas names for boys include some familiar faces: (Bing) Crosby, (Jacob) Marley and even Eben – we’re not quite ready for the full Ebenezer yet! You could also consider one of Nicholas’ many modern nicknames, like Nico or Cole.

Other Christmas boy names include those with joyful or peaceful meanings, as well as names that bring to mind snowy Christmas scenes, like Robin, Shepherd and Douglas (fir).

Here is a selection of our favorite fresh festive boy names, to suit a variety of tastes.

  1. Alvaro

  2. Bellamy

  3. Benedict

  4. Boone

  5. Crosby

  6. Cassiel

  7. Douglas

  8. Eben

  9. Felix

  10. Jesse

  11. Jonah

  12. Lucian

  13. Marley

  14. Nico

  15. Noel

  16. Pax

  17. Quincy

  18. Robin

  19. Rudy

  20. Salvatore

  21. Shepherd

  22. Silas

  23. Tate

  24. Thaddeus

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Unique Christmas Names

Unique Christmas names range from novel word names like Drummer and Viridian to overlooked Biblical figures like Balthasar and Melchior (why should Jasper have all the fun?)

If you’re looking for a unique baby name with a Christmas connection, another great place to start is by browsing lists of names by meaning. You’ll find plenty of overlooked international gems with seasonal meanings, like Bijou “jewel”, Elouan “light” and Sidra “star”.

The unique Christmas baby names below all rank below the US Top 1000 and would make for great quirky middle names for a Yuletide baby. Or even a first, if you’re feeling adventurous!

  1. Amparo

  2. Benvolio

  3. Balthasar

  4. Bijou

  5. Cassia

  6. Elouan

  7. Epiphany

  8. Fraser

  9. Drummer

  10. Goldie

  11. Joulu

  12. Lucero

  13. Merryn

  14. Melchior

  15. Navidad

  16. Noble

  17. Oriel

  18. Holiday

  19. Sidra

  20. Story

  21. Viridian

  22. Yule

  23. Zariza

  24. Zuzu

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Names With Festive Meanings

Names with festive meanings – such as joy, peace, light or miracle – hold a lot of appeal all year round, but they feel especially fitting at Christmastime. Choosing a baby name with a positive meaning is one of the subtlest ways to honor the season in your child’s name.

Many of the most popular Christmas names, like Asher “happy” and Clara “light”, also have festive meanings – but the choices in the list below are all a little more unexpected.

Here is a selection of the best under-the-radar Christmas names for boys and girls, all with positive meanings related to the season.

  1. Absalom

  2. Alair

  3. Allegra

  4. Azenor

  5. Behati

  6. Caius

  7. Cleo

  8. Dalili

  9. Dorothea

  10. Elior

  11. Farah

  12. Gioia

  13. Heller

  14. Inara

  15. Jubal

  16. Lowen

  17. Mirembe

  18. Miro

  19. Revel

  20. Silvian

  21. Sterre

  22. Valo

  23. Vera

  24. Zuma

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Winter Nature Names

There’s a wealth of winter nature names beyond Robin and Rowan! Lovers of botanical baby names might like to consider types of Christmas tree, like Cedar and Cypress, or winter blooms, like Amaryllis and Magnolia (a Christmas tradition in the South).

Move from the garden to the kitchen and there are also plenty of fruit, herb and spice names which evoke the Christmas season. Anise, Bay, Clementine, Marron, Plum, Rosemary and Sage, to name just a few.

Below are some of our favorite festive nature names for a Yuletide baby.

  1. Amaryllis

  2. Anise

  3. Aster

  4. Bay

  5. Cedar

  6. Clementine

  7. Clove

  8. Cypress

  9. Dove

  10. Emerald

  11. Evergreen

  12. Frost

  13. Garland

  14. Hollis

  15. Magnolia

  16. Marron

  17. North

  18. Pepper

  19. Plum

  20. Rosemary

  21. Sage

  22. Silver

  23. Solstice

  24. Winika

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What would you name a Christmas baby? Join the conversation and share your favorite festive names on our forums!

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