Earthy Boy Names: 100+ Friendly and Grounded Ideas

Earthy Boy Names: 100+ Friendly and Grounded Ideas

Looking for a name that's friendly, unpretentious and grounded? An earthy boy name could be the perfect choice.

Reading a request in the forums for earthy boy names made me rethink what the term means: is it a concept, or a literal meaning? Here are three different styles that can all be considered "earthy".

Salt of the Earth Boy Names

People who are described as “salt of the earth” are thought to be loyal, trustworthy, honest and earnest. There’s nothing pompous, pretentious or fanciful about these names, which is possibly why so many of them are nicknames. They’re familiar, friendly and best of all very easy to wear. They're also timeless: you're just as likely to find them on a dad or grandpa as on a child.

Down to Earth Boy Names

To be “down to earth” means that someone is “with no illusions or pretensions; practical and realistic”. Like “salt of the earth” names, these names are also friendly and familiar. They’re approachable. But they tend to feel a little fresher, a little less old school. They’re masculine with a soulful edge. This style has a lot of overlap with cowboy names.

Literally Earthy Boy Names

For some when they hear earthy they immediately think of nature names. Whether it’s a tree or animal name, weather or element, or names that mean “earth”, these are names that could help your son feel more connected to the planet we live on.

They would make especially appropriate choices for children born under an earth zodiac sign, so you could consider them Taurus names, Virgo names, and Capricorn names.

This post was originally published on 16 February 2014, and has been revised.

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