Names That Mean Earth

Baby names with earth-related meanings might be perfect for a child born under one of the earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earthy names might literally mean earth, stone, or ground, such as Adam or Jade, or they may refer to places and characteristics of the earth. Earth-related heroes and mythological figures related to the earth can inspire earth names too.

Along with Adam and Jade, other names that mean earth in the US Top 1000 include Aaron, Axton, Clay, Gemma, Mason, Mira, Ruby, and Sierra. Other earthy baby names worth considering include Everest, Gardener, Ione, and Petra.

Earth names might appeal to parents who are gardeners, mountain climbers, or ecologists. One of these names that mean earth can offer stability and ground your child.

  • Aaron


    Aaron has been in and around the Top 50 for nearly half a century at this point, and is still an attractive, timeless choice. The softness of Aaron's initial double vowel gives it an appealing... Read More 

  • Adam


    Adam -- a primal Old Testament name -- was revived as a 1960s cowboy name. Adam is not as popular as it once was and feels ready for a respite, replaced by newer A names like Aidan/Aiden, Avery... Read More 

  • Adamina


    This feminine form of Adam (Adama is another one) has none of the simple elegance of the original. Try Eve. Read More 

  • Adan


    Used most often in Hispanic cultures, though it does not feel like a typical Spanish name. It can also be seen as a spelling variant of the uber-popular Aidan, Aiden, Aden, etc.Read More 

  • Aerin


    In Tolkien's world, the derivation of this airy name is Elvish. Regular folks might consider it an artsier form of Erin, borne by cosmetics heiress and socialite Aerin Lauder. Read More 

  • Afra


    Earthier version of the name of England's first female professional writer, Aphra Behn. Read More 

  • Agate


    Though it's French, most Americans would pronounce it as the stone.Read More 

  • Alira


    This Australian name can have other spellings such as Allira, Alirah and Aleara. We prefer this spelling which keeps confusion and mispronunciation to a minimum.Read More 

  • Armel


    This Welsh name, also used in France, is the name of a 6th century saint who went to Brittany and established abbeys. Armel has a pleasant and familiar sound, making it easily used outside of... Read More 

  • Avani


    A name often heard in India, with an energetic sound and an ecologically correct meaning.Read More 

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