Anglicized variation of Sean
"God is gracious"

Shane Origin and Meaning

The name Shane is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "God is gracious".

Shane ambled into the picture via the 1953 movie, adding a cowboy twist to its Irish essence. Shane is even more popular in Ireland than in the USA or the UK. Singer Siobhan O'Connor and actor Kevin Sorbo have sons named Shane.

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Shane Popularity

Famous People Named Shane

  • Shane West (born Shannon Bruce Snaith)American actor
  • Shane Patrick RichieEnglish actor
  • Shane Douglas (born Troy Allan Martin)American pro wrestler
  • Shane Edouard HabouchaAmerican actor
  • Shane Courtney BattierAmerican basketball player
  • Shane Keith WarneAustralian cricketer
  • Shane Robert WatsonAustralian cricketer
  • Shane Patrick Lysaght MacGowanlead singer of Irish band The Pogues
  • Shane Edward SmeltzNew Zealand footballer
  • (Melvin) Shane SparksAmerican choreographer
  • Shane Patrick VictorinoAmerican baseball player
  • Shane DawsonAmerican Youtuber
  • Shane MadejAmerican Youtube Star
  • Shane PowersAmerican reality TV personality
  • Shane Steven HarperAmerican actor, and singer/songwriter
  • Shane Van GisbergenNew Zealand racing driver
  • Shane RoseAustralian equestrian
  • Shane Steven Filansinger of Irish boy band Westlife
  • Shane KinsmanAmerican actor; twin brother Brent Kinsman
  • Shane Arliss Culkinbrother of actor Macaulay Culkin
  • Shane Brandon McMahonAmerican pro wrestling CEO, son of Vince McMahon
  • Shane Suara (b. 1976)son of actress Geraldine Chaplin; grandson of actor Charlie Chaplin
  • Shane Keough (b. 1986)son of TV personality Jeana Keough ("The Real Housewives of Orange County") and baseball player Matt Keough
  • Shane Barakan (b. 1987)son of actress Mackenzie Phillips
  • Shane Fogarty (b. 1991)son of singer John Fogarty
  • Shane Buechele (b. 1996)son of baseball player Steve Buechele
  • Shane Lunny (b. 2004)son of singer Sinead O'Connor and Donal Lunny
  • Shane Haaken Sorbo (b. 2004)son of actor Kevin Sorbo
  • Shane Kluivert (b. 2008)son of footballer Patrick Kluivert
  • Shane Peter Filan (b. 2010)son of singer Shane Filan
  • Shane Firestone (b. 2014)son of reality TV personality Andrew Firestone

Shane in Pop Culture

  • "Shane" book by Jack Schaefer, 1953 Western film and its main character
  • Shane Graycharacter in Disney's Camp Rock movies
  • Shane Botwincharacter on TV's "Weeds"
  • Shane Walshcharacter in "The Walking Dead" series
  • Shane Collinscharacter in the "Morganville Vampire" series by Rachel Caine
  • Shane Larsoncharacter in movie "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore"
  • Shane Nugencharacter in "Sims" series
  • Shanea cheerleader in the game "High School Story"
  • Atticus Shanecharacter on TV's "The Vampire Diaries"