"son of the unspoiled forests"

Holt Origin and Meaning

The name Holt is a boy's name of English origin meaning "son of the unspoiled forests".

Has that blunt masculine feel -- à la Cole and Kyle -- that many modern parents are drawn to.

Holt Popularity

Famous People Named Holt

  • Holt Adams (b. 2013)son of singer and TV personality Kristin (Holt) Adams
  • Holt Fisher Smith (b. 2015)son of actors Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith
  • Lester Don Holt Jr.American TV news anchor
  • Greyston HoltCanadian actor
  • Gary Holtmetal guitarist of Slayer and Exodus

Holt in Pop Culture

  • Holt Mulligancharacter from movie "The Lookalike"
  • Holt McLarencharacter on TV's "Dirt"
  • Steve Holtcharacter from TV's "Arrested Development"
  • Holt Hydeson of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde in "Monster High" show and series
  • Captain Holtcharacter on TV’s "Brooklyn Nine,Nine"