Diminutive of Edward et al

Eddie Origin and Meaning

The name Eddie is a boy's name meaning "wealthy".

Most parents today call their Edwards Edward -- and we tend to think that's the right call. But it's worth noting that Eddie has been in the Top 1000 every year since records began in 1880; indeed, it was a mainstay on the Top 100 through the 1950s.

# 858 in the US

Eddie Rank in US Top 1000

Eddie Popularity

Famous People Named Eddie

  • Edward Regan "Eddie" MurphyAmerican actor and comedian
  • Edward Louis "Eddie" VedderAmerican musician
  • Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van HalenAmerican musician
  • Edward John David "Eddie" RedmayneEnglish actor and model
  • Edward Thomas "Eddie" RabbittAmerican singer
  • Edward Carl "Eddie" CibrianAmerican actor
  • Edward "Eddie" SpearsAmerican actor
  • Eddie Cantor (born Edward Israel Iskowitz)American singer/actor
  • Eduardo Gory "Eddie" GuerreroAmerican pro wrestler
  • Edward Raymond "Eddie" CochranAmerican rock musician
  • Edward John "Eddie" IzzardEnglish actor/comedian
  • Edward McKay "Eddie" CheeverAmerican racing driver
  • Eddie Albert (born Edward Albert Heimberger)American actor
  • Edward "Eddie" Hollandmember of American songwriting team Holland,Dozier,Holland
  • Eddie Darwin LacyAmerican NFL player
  • Eddie Money (born Edward Joseph Mahoney)American singer,songwriter
  • Eddie JonesAustralian rugby union player and coach
  • Edward Vernon "Eddie" RickenbackerAmerican WWII flying ace
  • Eddie OrengoAmerican referee in WWE NXT

Eddie in Pop Culture

  • Eddie Kaspbrakmain character in book/film "It"
  • Eddie Felsonmain character in movies "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money"
  • Eddiedog on TV's "Frasier"
  • Eddieex,delivery boy in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brockmain character in 2018 movie "Venom"
  • Eddie Kramercharacter on TV's "Baywatch"
  • Edison 'Eddie' Castilecharacter in the "Vampire Academy" and "Bloodlines" series
  • Eddie Tuckbycharacter in 2008 movie "Just Add Water"
  • Eduardo "Eddie" Durancharacter on TV's "Hollywood Heights"
  • Eddie Haskellcharacter in TV show "Leave It to Beaver"
  • Eddie Deancharacter in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series
  • Eddie Huangmain character in the series "Fresh off the Boat"
  • Eddiecharacter in the "St Clare" book series by Enid Blyton
  • Eddie Lambcharacter on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
  • Eddiemain character in "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," by Mitch Albom
  • Edit "Eddie" Jenkocharacter in TV show "Blue Bloods"
  • Eddie Thawnecharacter on TV's "The Flash"
  • Eddie Slick aka Sand Demoncharacter on TV's "The Flash"
  • Eddie Dombrowskicharacter in the game "Silent Hill 2"
  • Eddie Gluskincharacter in the "Outlast" game series
  • Eddie Bauerretailer of clothing and outdoor gear