Scandinavian Boy Names: A Hot New Trend

September 8, 2019 Linda Rosenkrantz
by Linda Rosenkrantz Scandinavian boy names—except for Eric—have not had a great track record in the US. But change is definitely in the air. Thanks to the confluence of some media celebrities and starbabies (Scandinavian boy names have already registered on the national list and some have only resonated with Nameberries so far. Here are some Nordic names to watch.


Anders And. Aksel in Denmark and Norway. Sweden and a character in The Hobbit. Obama pet Portuguese Water Dog. Nonetheless, it has a lot of substance and swagger for a 2-letter name. Gunner ranks even higher. Queen. America is #303 on Nameberry, and is still very popular throughout Scandinavia, where it’s pronounced either as lafe or life, not the most common US pronunciation of leaf, which gives it a nature vibe.. Matilda to Vampire Chronicles. A rapid riser, it’s now at #782 nationally, 105 on NB. Mathias is #13 in Norway. Owen. Soren gets a lot of love on NB, where it ranks a high #25. Stellan is up at #251 on NB and we expect it to move even higher. TOR is another version. Hanson picked it in 2008 and Berries are falling for its lively o-ending charm, taking it to #301


Eero Saarinen. IVAR—A royal Viking name that has just squeezed onto the NY Top 1000. Johannes)—one of many single-syllable s-ending possibilities. Lars and the Real Girl. Nils Lofgren. Olaf from Frozen and Lemony Snicket, but it also has a solid Norwegian regal history. Berry birth announcement.  We like it! STIEG—The late Swedish novelist Stieg STIAN Sven happens to be a sympathetic reindeer. Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Talk and a number of other books.


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