Variation of Elliot
"Jehovah is God"

Elliott Origin and Meaning

The name Elliott is a boy's name meaning "Jehovah is God".

One of the four perfectly proper spellings of this name ranging from the spare (but poetic) Eliot to the full-blown Elliott. Elliott and Elliot are the two most popular, and they have given to almost the same number of baby boys in recent years. Elliott has that "-tt" ending that is so popular among parents today, with popular picks like Everett and Emmett, Beckett and Bennett. "El" names for both boys and girls have been trending in recent years, with Eli, Elijah, and Elias at the top of the charts for boys. Elliott has always been on the charts in the US, but is currently at its highest point ever. Elliott is also gaining in the UK, currently at number 107 in England. Elliott was the name of the dragon in the classic Disney film, Pete's Dragon.

# 167 in the US

Elliott Rank in US Top 1000

# 350 on Nameberry

Elliott Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Elliott Popularity

Famous People Named Elliott

  • Steven Paul "Elliott" SmithAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Elliott GouldAmerican actor
  • Elliott William Barnes SadlerAmerican NASCAR driver
  • (Efraym) Elliott YaminAmerican pop singer
  • Elliott Bulloch RooseveltAmerican socialite; brother of President Theodore Roosevelt; father of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Elliott RooseveltU.S. Army officer; son of President Franklin Roosevelt
  • Elliott John TittensorEnglish actor; twin brother Luke Tittensor
  • Elliott Fitch ShepardAmerican lawyer, banker and publisher
  • Elliott AbramsAmerican diplomat and politician
  • Elliott Cook CarterAmerican composer
  • Elliott MaddoxAmerican baseball player
  • Elliott James MurphyAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Elliott SharpAmerican composer
  • Elliott De Niro (b. 1998)son of American actor Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower
  • Max Elliott Sladechild actor in the 90s known for "3 Ninjas"

Elliott in Pop Culture

  • Elliott Taylorboy in film "E.T. the Extra,Terrestrial"
  • Elliott Rollinscharacter on TV's Pretty Little Liars
  • Elliottson of Robbie in the film "A Boy Called Dad"
  • Elliottcharacter in the film Flight of the Phoenix
  • Elliottthe dragon in the Disney's "Pete's Dragon"
  • Elliott Templetoncharacter in "The Razor's Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham
  • Elliott Gilbertcharacter in FOX's 'Glee'
  • Elliott Brooda Canadian alt,country band.