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Gender: M Origin of Kit: English, diminutive of Christopher

Nickname occasionally used on its own, has a bit of a western twang thanks to Kit Carson. Actress Jodie Foster used it for her son. Also used as a female pet form of KATHERINE.

Famous People Named Kit

Kit Dale, Australian BJJ Checkmat black belt.
Kit Carson, American frontiersman
Christopher Catesby "Kit" Harington, British Actor (plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones)
Kit Watkins, American muscian
Christopher Cornelius "Kit" Culkin, American actor and father of Macaulay Culkin
Kit Marlowe, 16th century playwright (Christopher, went by Kit)
Kit Bomer, son of actor Matt Bomer, of "White Collar" fame
Kit Foster, son of American actress Jodie Foster
Kit James Thornton, son of James Thornton & Joanna Page
Christopher "Kit" French, American musician (with Parachute)

Pop Culture References for the name Kit

Christopher "Kit" Walker Jr., alias of superhero The Phantom
Kit Walker, character on season two of "American Horror Story: Asylum" played by American actor Evan Peters
Christopher "Kit" Rodriguez, a character in the "Young Wizards" series
"Kit and Kitty", a novel by R. D. Blackmore
Kit Kat bars
Prince "Kit" Charming, character in Cinderella (2015)