Best K Names for Girls

Best K Names for Girls

Girl names that start with K have been a favorite of this century, with the Kardashian era leading to names like Kylie, Kaylee, Kaitlyn, and Khloe taking off in the ranks. As these names start to feel less fresh and exciting, parents will be looking for new K name options. Here are 15 of the most intriguing K names that deserve to be recognized.


With Kai being one of the hottest boy names in the US today, we can see why Kaia is following suit. Spelled either Kaia or Kaya, the name has origins in many languages including Latin, Scandinavian, Hawaiian, and Native American languages. Kaia is more modern than Kayla, and more offbeat than Maya. Supermodel Cindy Crawford named her now-grown daughter Kaia in 2001.


This beautiful Hawaiian name pronounced "kah-LAY-uh" means "joy" or "happiness". Kalea is a Top 100 name in her native state of Hawaii, but remains undiscovered in the other 49 states. We see Kalea having lots of potential, from her cheerful meaning to the sweet nicknames Kali or Lea.


The lilting name of a range of mythical mountains is of Arabic origin. Kalila means "beloved", and has an array of spelling variations, including Khalila, Kalilah, and Kallila among many others. Double-L names like Lila, Lola, Lily, Layla, and Delilah are in their prime today, and Kalila is a beautiful option for parents-to-be who love those sounds.


Kamali is a unisex-sounding name of African origin. She can be seen as either a variation of Hindi and Arabic Kamal, meaning lotus or perfection, or she could be a name in her own right, meaning spirit guide or protector. Either way, Kamali feels like she could be a fresh spin on popular Camila.


While it may look like a creative version of Camila, Kamilah is actually an Arabic import meaning “perfect.” With more names from the Middle East gaining attention (from Layla to Aaliyah), Kamilah is a great fit-in / stand-out name.

Top K Names for Girls in the US


An intriguing Japanese name meaning "fragrance", Kaori was brought into the spotlight by celebrity couple Eniko and Kevin Hart, who gave it to their daughter in 2020. While Kaori looks similar to Maori, the name of the people and language of New Zealand, the correct pronunciation is "cow-ree".


This sweet and spicy name meaning "cinnamon" is a fresh take on 80s and 90s favorites Cassidy or Cassandra. Kasiani is an ancient Greek name best known as the name of a saint famous as a hymnographer. The Hymn of Kasiani is traditionally sung on Tuesday of Easter Week in the Greek Orthodox Church. The 9th century saint Kasiani was supposedly in love with the Emperor Theophilos, who rejected her when she proved to be more intelligent than him.


One of the most captivating Sanskrit names that has yet to make its way to the US. Kavya has the beautiful meaning of "poem", referring to a type of classical Sanskrit devotional poetry. The beautiful name Kavya is held by the popular Indian actress Kavya Madhavan.


Kerensa is a romantic Cornish girl name, alternatively spelled Kerenza. Her sweet meaning of "love" adds additional appeal to this rhythmic, lyrical-sounding name. Kerensa may be the most modern, and least stigmatized of the Karen family or may have ties to the Welsh Cerys. Either way, we think Kerensa is a zippy and lively name that deserves more attention.


Keshvi is a lovely Sanskrit name meaning "long, beautiful hair". In Sanskrit mythology, Keshvi is an epithet of the goddess Radha, who rules over love, tenderness, compassion, and devotion. With spunky "-i" ending names from all different origins such as Leilani, Zuri, Naomi, and Remi taking off in the US, we think Keshvi is an attractive and fresh option.

Unique Girl Names Starting With K


This yet-to-be-discovered biblical name was held by Abraham's second wife — definitely more unique than his first wife, Sarah. Keturah and Abraham had six sons, who would in turn lead to sixteen tribes of her descendants. Despite Keturah's history, she has never made it onto the charts in the US.


Many K names exude modernity, but Keziah is from the Old Testament, as a daughter of Job. Meaning “cassia tree,” she also has connections to the natural world. Potential nickname Kizzy pays homage to the book and TV show Roots. Keziah has several legitimate pronunciations, including "KEE-zee-uh", "KEH-zee-uh", and "keh-ZYE-uh".


This spunky moniker is one of the Coco-Gigi-Fifi-Lulu type French nicknames from the turn of the last century. Kiki can be a nickname for any "K" beginning name, but makes a statement on her own as well. Kiki is also a Japanese name, as seen in the anime film Kiki's Delivery Service.


Spunky and spritely, there’s no reason why the distinctly Australian Kirrily shouldn’t find success elsewhere. It has a similar sound as many well-used K names (Karly, Kylie, Kayla) as well as stylish Irish Keira, but is virtually unused in the US. Kirrily (rhyming with cheerily) is of Aboriginal and Maori origin, meaning "leaf" or "tree bark".


This unisex name packs a lot of punch. Kit is traditionally either a diminutive of Katherine for girls, or Christopher for boys, but we love her on her own. The sweet American Girl character Margaret Kittredge "Kit" adds some familiarity for Kit as a girl's name. Retro nickname Kitty is another option ripe for revival.

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