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Gender: Male Meaning of Ezra: "help" Origin of Ezra: Hebrew Ezra's Popularity in 2017: #69

The name Ezra is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "help". Ezra is ranked #69 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Ezra has a lot going for it: the strength of its heroic Biblical legacy, its quirky sound, and its fresh but familiar feel. Ezra is currently growing in popularity with parents seeking a fresh biblical name, and is now more popular than ever.

According to the Bible, Ezra led a group of fifteen hundred Israelites out of slavery in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. There is also the poetry connection to Ezra Pound -- in addition to political blogger Ezra Klein, one of the original editors of Ezra Cornell was a founder of Western Union and co-founder of the university that bears his name and Ezra Jack Keats is a popular children's book author-illustrator.

Both Paul Reiser and Taylor Hanson are dads to boys named Ezra, and there are Ezras to be found in Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone and Daniel Deronda by George Eliot.

And let's not forget the band--Better Than Ezra--rising actor Ezra Miller, Vampire Weekend musician Ezra Koenig or the character Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars.

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Famous People Named Ezra

Ezra Weston Loomis Pound, American poet
Ezra Jack Keats, American author/illustrator
George Ezra (Barnett), English singer and songwriter
Ezra Butler, American NFL football player
Ezra Matthew Miller, American actor
Ezra Butler, American politician; 11th Governor of Vermont
Ezra Dean, U.S. Congressman from Ohio
Ezra Bartlett French, U.S. Congressman from Maine
Ezra Cornell, American, founder of Cornell University
Ezra Stiles, American, minister and president of Yale College
Ezra Manning Meeker, American pioneer
Ezra Hervey Heywood, American abolitionist and suffragist
Ezra Taft Benson, American, former leader of the Mormon Church
Ezra, biblical prophet/priest
Ezra Michael Koenig, American musician; member of "Vampire Weekend"
Ezra Kire, lead singer of American punk band "Morning Glory"
Ezra Hendrickson, Vincentian footballer
Ezra Yitzhak Nawi, Israeli activist
Ezra Isaac Levant, Canadian media personality
Ezra Stone (born Ezra Chaim Feinstone), American actor
Ezra Horton, English footballer
Ezra Edelman, American TV producer and director
Ezra Nahmad, Lebanese billionaire art patron
Ezra Reich (b. 1978), son of composer Steve Reich and artist Beryl Korot
Ezra Jordan, son of songwriters Amy Sky and Marc Jordan
Ezra Samuel Reiser (b. 1995), son of actor Paul Reiser
Ezra Baddiel (b. 2004), son of actors Morwenna Banks and David Baddiel
Ezra Quinn (b. 2008), son of actor Brandon Quinn
Ezra Youngsma (b. 2010), son of drummer Derek Youngsma of band Bleeding Through
Jordan Ezra Hanson (b. 2002), son of singer Taylor Hanson
Leo Ezra Egan (b. 2015), late son of TV chef Kelsey Nixon and Robby Egan

Pop Culture References for the name Ezra

Ezra Bridger, Jedi-Padawan, main protagonist on Disney's animated TV show, "Star Wars: Rebels"
Ezra, main-antagonist in the Anime movie, "Space Pirate Captain Harlock"
Ezra Fitz, character on "Pretty Little Liars"
Ezra, main character on "Dark Intensions" and "Dark Vows"
Ezra Cohen, character in George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda"
Ezra "Mordecai" Lapidoph, character in George Eliot's "Daniel Deronda"
Ezra, character in "High School Story"
Ezra Mason, character in the "Illuminae Trilogy"
Ezra Standish, character on TV's "The Magnificent Seven"
Ezra, character in "Seven Pounds"
Ezra Ezekiel Baxter, character in "The Yearling"
Ezra, character in comic books by Sean O'Reilly
Ezra, character in "The Haunted Mansion"
Ezra Friedken, character in "Higher Ground"
"Ezra", a song by Flume
"Ezra", 2007 movie
Better Than Ezra, an American alt-rock band
Ezra Bloom, character in "Imposters"

Esdras, Ezer, Esra, Ezri, Azariah, Azur, Ezrah, Ezurah, Ezyra, Ezyrah

Ezra's International Variations

Esdras (Spanish) Ezri (Israeli) Esdra, Esdras, Esra, Ezer, Ezzret, Uzair (Arabic) Ezera (Hawaiian)


burg123 Says:


This is my brothers name and we call him Ez or Ezzie for a nn

kriselle_e Says:


Wow, beautiful story for beautiful names!

axataras Says:


Ah, here's your second comment. The story behind your Azur's name is amazing. You made the right choice! I am in fact jealous...

axataras Says:


One day we shall meet. In a school, with our two Ezra's. We will know, who and how! Star Wars fans unite!

axataras Says:


Azur? Interesting. Souns like a hero from the Orient!

axataras Says:


Popularity should not be confused with widespread-ness. haha I was a little afraid but then I saw the rankings. While it's high up there on the list of names it isn't a common name at all. Its only number 70-something. Imagine millions... what is 40 Ezra's per x millions. It means nothing. And thank God for that. I agree, it's a timeless name... trendy. Judging from the comments, Star Wars has just made it timeless. Fear not!

axataras Says:


A popular but not overused name. Rare, a name imbued with oriental masculinity and a sense of adventure. We named our son after the Star Wars character. Kylo was never an option. Ezra's story, or rather the Ghost Crew's story, has left a big mark on our lives. Our two girls, Ashley and Rachel, supported the idea and so Ezra was born. I am, clearly, not the only person who named their son after the Star Wars Rebels character, which is also, why I think it's important that I mention the character here. I'd like to leave a few impressions of "Ezra"... as he appears on Star Wars. The popularity of 'Ezra' skyrocketed around the time the show first aired and many of our friends were made aware of the name by its appearance on Star Wars: Rebels. On Star Wars, Ezra is an adventours boy with a strong spirit, a loyal camerade to his crew, somewhat over-eager to do the right thing but far from being naive. Somewhwat impulsive, but never dumb. Very smart, and quick in making decisions - a true leader-type. NOT a manager-type. (look up the difference)
He is more open to the 'gray' side than his fellow Jedi, he isn't swayed by the dark side though. He's attracted to the light side. He is ok with listening to his friends and their opinions. His morals are strong, his eyes wide-open. (Ezra, when taken apart, also means 'Strong Sight' in Hebrew.) He sees the universe for what it is. Dark side/light side, he's able to differntiate between the good and bad in the dark as well as in the light. Deep inside he knows what's good and bad. He's learned that through experience. The up/down-side of him being in the gray area - unlike his camerades, he's ready to throw off his coat of ethics when the situation calls for it, and it's not his age, the boy just knows that you can't always play fair, in order to achieve a good result you must fight. He always regrets these decisions, but he keeps on going. He's developed throughout the show's 4 seasons. A born survivor, a rebel, a strong person with a loyal and empathic heart. He is real. His character is not binary. There's depth to him.

kriselle_e Says:


I hope by the time I’m naming kids, it’s not seen as a trendy name like Jayden/Braeden etc. I like timeless names that aren’t easily tied to a generation :) I don’t think that will happen though, it’s a relief to hear it isn’t as widespread as its popularity ranking might indicate.

PenAndInk Says:


Oh my, Azur is just lovely. I've never heard it before, but it's so perfect with Ezra

redmama2020 Says:


One more neighbour here! We named our child Ezra.

redmama2020 Says:


We named our two sons Ezra and Azur. Our fave name is sealed now, embroded into our child!

redmama2020 Says:


Why? It's such a wonderful name! It's gotten popular, but I haven't heard it at all. We named our sons Ezra and Azur.

redmama2020 Says:


We got twins! Their names, Ezra and Azur. We imagined something short for our sons, something with a modern sound. Same as the poster above, we first heard Ezra on Disney's Star Wars Rebels. Daddy is a big child.
Ezra is the name of our first boy and our second boy goes by Azur - because of his blue eyes. Azur is a variation of Ezra, btw. It means blue, blue sky. PERFECT COINCIDENCE!
Perfect coincidence... because - the doctor told us that in the early stages of my pregnancy one of the babies had a genetical mutation and that's why our second son's eyes are blue while Ezra's eyes are brown (like mommy's eyes). They're identical twins, otherwise. The doc said it's rare and that we should be happy. Hence, the name Azur. Thanks to his eyes it's easy-ier to tell them apart! I have no idea how people can say that they have no issue telling their twins apart. I'm their mom, but even I have troubles when the light is off! Daddy does better.
It's been 8 months and I've just found the time to get online and share my story. We love the names and are very happy with our decision. The names Ezra & Azur sound absolutely amazing and go well with our last name. Great names. There's something about Azur and Ezra, it rings right in our ears.

PenAndInk Says:


I don't care how popular this gets, it will ALWAYS be my favourite boy name :)

danirose01 Says:


Ezra is my favorite boy name of ALL time. Sadly the husband and I are more "below the top 500" kind of namers, especially as my own name was this popular when I was growing up and I hated to share it with classmates! We will most likely use it as a middle though, if we do conceive a son.

kriselle_e Says:


After about 8 years Ezra is STILL my most favourite boy name. I'm a bit disheartened by how popular it has gotten, however.

gesvi Says:


Two years ago (in 2015) I got my 3rd son; we named him Ezra.
Both, my mother and my husband are huge Star Wars fans. They suggested we name him after Ezra Bridger, the Star Wars Rebels character. Now, I am not a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and let me tell you, I am not the type to give my babies weird names. My first son's name is Richard and my second's son name is Lucas.
I really liked the sound of Ezra and I knew the character from the series. I really liked him and his story arc! After finding out the meaning of the name from my mother I had no doubts about naming our baby Ezra. Ezra's a biblical name and it means "help/er". We're not a religious family. Luckily... good for us... the name is timeless and mainstreamizing, which removes the biblical context! On top of that it doesn't sound weird; it sounds nice! And masculine! We had been very careful in our selection process and we're very happy to have named our son Ezra.
If you're thinking about naming your baby boy Ezra, I say... go for it! It's and amazing name, a powerful name! We've only been getting compliments.
The name Ezra is very popular right now, it's been the number 1 name for boys this year and the year before; even with its popularity, the name accounts for only 0.2% of the names given to babies, which is why we aren't afraid of there being a million Ezra's in the neighborhood in a decade from now. The meaning of Ezra is something else, it's beautiful.