Baby Name Trends: Top Names of 2030?

Baby Name Trends: Top Names of 2030?

Scanning the popularity charts of some of the current most popular and stylish baby names (yeah, that’s how I spend my spare time), I noticed something fascinating the other day.  Many of them – Ava, Ella, Peyton, Aiden, Emmett, even number one Isabella – were at the very bottom of the Top 1000 in 1990.

That means that they were rarely used when the parents of today – most popularly named Jennifer and Melissa, Christopher and Jason – were born, but were starting to rise up the charts by the time Jennifer was drawing hearts around Jason’s name in her Geometry notebook.

By that theory (who says baby name trends prediction isn’t a science?), we should be able to predict which names will be most popular 20 years from now by combing the bottom of today’s Top 1000.

Of course, not every name down in the 800s and 900s is destined for baby name greatness.  But we see the following as likely popular choices for your grandchildren.

Interesting note: The boys’ names are a lot more adventurous and interesting than the girls’ names.  Based on this, we’d peg the long range girls’ name trend as Strong Vintage (Adele, Edith) and boys’ name as Modern Hero Surname (Branson, Landry).


  • Adele

  • Adelina

  • Alma

  • Azaria

  • Beatrice

  • Edith

  • Esme

  • India

  • Leona

  • Libby

  • Lilia

  • Livia

  • Mae

  • Matilda

  • Millie

  • Nola

  • Patience

  • Pearl

  • Tess

  • Willa

  • Boys

  • Benson

  • Blaise and Blaze

  • Bo

  • Bodhi

  • Branson

  • Bridger

  • Brogan

  • Bronson

  • Cain

  • Clay

  • Clinton

  • Crew

  • Destin

  • Edison

  • Fisher

  • Fletcher

  • Gibson

  • Hank

  • Hayes

  • Justus

  • Landry

  • Leandro

  • Legend

  • Lennon

  • Lennox

  • Lionel

  • Major

  • Matthias

  • Octavio

  • Remy

  • Rey

  • Sage

  • Samson

  • Seamus

  • Slade

  • Thaddeus

  • Theo

  • Valentino

  • Vaughn

  • Westin

  • Winston

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    Pamela Redmond

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