Cool Baby Names: The -Er Names

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Cool baby names often share a certain something: an initial (like O), an origin (like Irish), or a sound — like -er at the end.

Blame it on Jennifer and Christopher. What those two mega-popular names have in common is their unusual –er ending, which launched a name sound that holds a lot of appeal to the contemporary ear.

Dozens of the cool baby names for boys today share the –er ending, along with a handful of choices for girls. Some of these are traditional first names but more are surname-names and occupational names.

Of course, Jennifer and Christopher were not the only popular names or even the first to feature –er at their end. Long-used –er names include Peter and Alexander, other trendy 1980s choices are Amber and Heather, and widely-used popular names that end in –er include such divergent choices as Oliver and Winter, Skyler and Spencer, River and Ryker, Harper and Hunter.

And then, as happens with name trends, there are dozens of choices that are more unusual and more stylish. Among the most appealing are the traditional boys’ names that share the –er ending:

The hot occupational names, which are also usually familiar surnames, often have an –er ending, and the trendiness of such choices as Cooper, Chandler, Sawyer, Tucker, and Tyler have helped vault the whole genre into widespread use. Among the more unusual but no less fashionable –er ending occupational names are:

Then there are the Bad Boy names that are popular among parents who want a kind of neo-macho image for their sons: These sound like the names of kids who grow up to ride motorcycles, play in rock bands, and get lightning bolts tattooed onto their necks. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

There are a handful of stylish girls’ names that end in –er, though we’re not sure that sound is what really makes for their appeal. Some of these are nature names, some Biblical, others day or occupational names, and the fact that they share the –er ending may just be coincidental to their fashion status.

These names don’t end in –er, but they might as well. The right sound is there and they also share a certain style appeal, though not necessarily to the same kinds of parents.

Is every name that ends in –er stylish? Not every single one. Though I’m sure the dissenting berries will step forward in defense of the names below, we don’t see any of them coming back in a big way anytime soon.

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