Secret Nature Names Bring the Outside In

Secret Nature Names Bring the Outside In

Nature-inspired baby names are the trend that keeps on giving – from classic choices like Rose and Robin to contemporary picks like Aspen, Clementine, River and Sage.

But if you’re pairing with a difficult surname, looking for a name that works in multiple languages, or compromising with a more traditional partner, it can be hard to find a stylish nature name that fits the bill.

Enter the secret nature names! These are the names with a more subtle connection to the natural world. They still feel fresh and appealing, but they hide their secret nature behind a cool or classic exterior.

Nameberry’s advanced search feature is ideal if you’re looking for a baby name with a specific meaning. Alternatively, find a varied selection of the best secret nature names inspired by plants, animals, water and sky below.

Subtle Botanical Baby Names

Botanical baby names are one of the most fruitful categories of secret nature names. Plenty of popular choices, like Hadley “heather meadow”, Savannah "grassland" and Oliver “olive tree”, are hiding their natural associations in plain sight.

Browse hundreds of botanical baby names here, and view some of our favorite girl, boy and unisex options with a subtle natural connection below.

Abilene – Hebrew “grassy meadow”

Avalon – English “isle of apples”

Azami – Japanese “thistle”

Briallen – Welsh “primrose”

Calhoun – Gaelic “narrow wood”

Calix – Latin “flower cup”

Daphne – Greek “laurel”

Elowen – Cornish “elm tree”

Evander – Scottish “yew warrior”

Hadassah – Hebrew “myrtle tree”

Hollis – English “holly trees”

Ione – Greek “purple flower”

Javor – Croatian “maple tree”

Jessamy – English “jasmine”

Kamala – Sanskrit “lotus”

Keziah – Hebrew “cinnamon”

Kiri – Maori “tree bark”

Laleh – Persian “tulip”

Laramie – French “arbor”

Maile – Hawaiian “vine”

Millaray – Mapuche “golden flower”

Nash – English “at the ash tree”

Oren – Hebrew “pine tree”

Pomona – Latin “fruit tree”

Rosen – Bulgarian “dittany”

Sakura – Japanese “cherry blosssom”

Sylvester – Latin “of the forest”

Tamar – Hebrew “date palm tree”

Xochitl – Nahuatl “flower”

Baby Names With Animal Meanings

Wild animal and especially bird names are having a real moment right now, with recent celebrity babies named Bear, Birdie, Dove, Fox, Wolf and Wren. If those feel a little too… well, wild for you, there are a whole host of more traditional names with animal meanings, including Ariel “lion of god”, Callum “dove”, Tabitha “gazelle” and Una “lamb”.

Explore hundreds of baby names with animal meanings here, and view a selection of our favorites below.

Adler – German “eagle”

Ariel – Hebrew “lion of god”

Baz – Kurdish “falcon”

Benno – German “bear”

Bindi – Nyungar “butterfly”

Capri – Italian “goats”

Callum – Scottish “dove”

Corbin – French “raven”

Destry – French “war horse”

Dov – Hebrew “bear”

Drake – English “dragon, duck”

Elain – Welsh “fawn”

Ephron – Hebrew “small deer”

Farasha – Arabic “butterfly”

Fennec – English “fox”

Hershel – Yiddish “deer”

Jemima – Hebrew “dove”

Leander – Greek “lion man”

Lev – Russian “lion”

Lonan – Irish “blackbird”

Lupita – Spanish “little wolf”

Mariposa – Spanish “butterfly”

Orson – French “bear”

Paloma – Spanish “dove”

Phelan – Irish “little wolf”

Philip – Greek “lover of horses”

Roscoe – English “deer forest”

Rudy – German “famous wolf”

Tabitha – Aramaic “gazelle”

Una – Irish “lamb”

Baby Names Inspired by Water

Water-related baby names proved one of the hottest trends of the year during these unsettling pandemic times. River saw a big increase in births for both sexes, and Rio and Ocean both entered the Top 1000 for boys in 2020.

Names with a connection to rivers, oceans, rain and streams evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility, and symbolize the giving of life. Browse 200+ baby names that mean water here, or discover some of the freshest options below.

Abadi – Ijaw “big ocean”

Asherah – Semitic “she who walks in the sea”

Bahari – Swahili “ocean”

Beck – English “small stream”

Brennan – Irish “raindrop”

Delta – Greek “mouth of the river”

Deniz – Turkish “sea”

Douglas – Scottish “dark river”

Dylan – Welsh “great tide”

Esca – Gaelic “water”

Indra – Sanskrit “possessing drops of rain”

Kainoa – Hawaiian “sea of freedom”

Kirsi – Finnish “frost”

Kinvara – Gaelic “head of the sea”

Lear – Manx “sea”

Maxwell – Scottish “Mack’s stream”

Marlowe – English “remnants of a lake”

Nahla – Arabic “drink of water”

Naia – Basque “wave”

Rafferty – Irish “flood tide”

Rio – Spanish and Portuguese “river”

Saraswati – Sanskrit “possessing water”

Tallulah – Choctaw “leaping waters”

Thalassa – Greek “sea”

Vasa – Samoan “open ocean”

Wyre – Welsh “winding river”

Yuna – Tupi “black river”

Zaire – Kongo “river that swallows all rivers”

Secret Celestial Baby Names

Up is one of the coolest directions of travel for baby names right now, from starry-eyed favorites like Luna and Orion to the sleek gender-neutral name Sky, which is on the rise for both sexes. In some cultures, such as among the Luo and Kamba people of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, babies are routinely named for the time of day, season or weather conditions at their birth. 

Explore our list of celestial names for babies here, and below, discover a range of intriguing secret nature names inspired by the heavens.

Alizeh – Persian “wind”

Altair – Arabic “flying one”

Araceli – Spanish “altar of the sky”

Aster – Greek “star”

Aylin – Turkish “of the moon”

Caligo – Latin “darkness, gloom”

Citlali – Nahuatl “star”

Cosmo – Greek “cosmos”

Danica – Slavic “morning star”

Dashiell – French “of the heavens”

Elio – Greek “sun”

Evren – Turkish “universe”

Hilal – Arabic “crescent moon”

Iskra – Slavic “spark”

Nephele – Greek “cloud”

Noelani – Hawaiian “heavenly mist”

Otieno – Luo, “born at night”

Raiden – Japanese “thunder and lightning”

Roxana – Persian “dawn”

Samson – Hebrew “sun”

Selene – Greek “moon”

Seren – Welsh “star”

Sora – Japanese “sky”

Stelara – Esperanto “constellation”

Tala – Tagalog “star”

Vesper – Latin “evening star”

Zephyr – Greek “west wind”

Zora – Slavic “dawn”

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