38 Secret Nature Names for Girls

January 13, 2016 Pamela Redmond
nature names for girls

Nature names have been popular for several years now, especially for girls.  Flower names such as Lily and Ivy are the most popular, but we’ve also heard a lot of tree names such as Willow, water names like Bay and Lake, and animal names such as Wren.

And then there are the names that keep their nature connection more on the down low. Girls’ names that have a nature-related meaning may appeal to parents in search of something that’s more name and less word, a name that keeps its relationship to nature as a wonderful secret.

Girls’ names with a surprise secret nature connection, and their meanings, include:

Adair, “oak tree ford”

Ainsley, “one’s own meadow”

Anthea, “flowery”

Arden, “valley of the eagle”

Araceli“altar of the sky”

Azami, “thistle flower”

Blair, “dweller on the plain”

Bronte, “thunder”

Bryn, “hill”

Cordelia, “daughter of the sea”

Cynara, “thistly plant”

Danica, “morning star”

Daphne, “laurel tree”

Dara, “oak tree”

Elodie, “marsh flower”

Guinevere, “white shadow, white wave”

Hadley, “heathery field”

Indra, “possessing drops of rain”

Jessamy, “jasmine flower”

Keziah, “cassia tree”

Leilani, “heavenly flower”

Marguerite, “daisy or pearl”

Naretha, “a saltbush”

Nerissa, “from the sea”

Paloma, “dove”

Peri, “mountain dweller”

Roxana, “dawn or little star”

Sabra, “prickly pear”

Sana, “mountaintop”

Sefarina, “gentle wind”

Seren, “star”

Sylvia, “from the forest”

Tabitha, “gazelle”

Waverly, “meadow of quivering aspens”

Xochitl, “flower”

Yara, “butterfly”

Yardley, “fenced meadow”

Zahara, “flower”

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