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The name Cohen is a boy's name of Hebrew, Jewish origin meaning "priest".

Cohen is a common last name among Jews and an important spiritual name in the Jewish religion, associated with the hereditary priests who claimed descent from the biblical Aaron. As a result of its religious significance, Cohen is considered by some to be inappropriate to use as a first name, particularly by people with no Jewish heritage.

Nevertheless, Cohen is becoming increasingly popular in the US as a first name for boys, possibly inspired by the character Seth on TV's The O.C. who was commonly called by his last name, Cohen. It currently ranks among the 300 most popular first names for American baby boys, boosted by its sleek and strong sound and proximity to more popular choices like Logan and Rowan.

Cohen is also found in Ireland as a surname, an unusual variant of Coyne, Cowan or Coen. The Coen spelling is also a Dutch name in its own right, derived from Coenraad (Conrad), although in that case it rhymes with "moon".

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Famous People Named Cohen

  • Cohen BramallEnglish footballer
  • Cohen GriffithGuyanese footballer
  • Cohen Saunders (b. 2009)stepson of golfer Sam Palmer Saunders

Cohen in Pop Culture

  • Cohen the Barbarian aka Ghenghiz Cohencharacter in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels
  • Seth Cohencharacter on "the O.C."

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