Italian Last Names with Meanings

Italian Last Names with Meanings

The most common Italian surnames include descriptive names such as Rossi, which indicates a red-headed ancestor; habitational names such as Romano, for someone from Rome; occupational names such as Barbieri, for barber, and patronymics that begin with De or Di followed by a father's name.

Here are some of the most common last names in Italy and most popular Italian last names in the US.

Common Italian Last Names 1-10

1. Rossi -- From "rosso," meaning red, which might have originally denoted someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion.

2. Russo -- Means Russian, so may be considered a habitational surname.

3. Ferrari -- Derived from "ferro," meaning iron, possibly indicating a blacksmith or someone with a strong and resilient personality.

4. Esposito -- Derived from the Latin "expositus," meaning exposed or abandoned, which may indicate an orphan.

5. Bianchi -- Bianchi means white, and may have originated as a surname for a person with fair hair or complexion.

6. Romano -- Person from Rome

7. Colombo -- Means dove, symbolizing peace or gentleness.

8. Ricci -- Riccio means curly, so this may have originated as a surname for someone with curly hair.

9. Marino -- Means sailor, so probably originated as a name for someone who lived, worked, or traveled on the sea.

10. Greco -- Means Greek, so may have originated as a name for someone of Greek descent.

Top Italian Last Names 11-20

11. Bruno -- Means brown, so probably started as a name for someone with brown hair or complexion.

12. Gallo -- Gallo means rooster, and may have originated as a name for a poultry farmer.

13. Conti -- Means count, so may denote nobility or someone who worked with money.

14, Costa -- Habitational surname for someone who lived near the coast.

15. Giordano -- Relates to the River Jordan and by association the bible.

16. Mancini -- Mancino means left-handed, so this surname described the bearer.

17. Barbieri -- Occupational surname for a barber

18. Ferraro -- Ferro means iron, so this probably originated as an occupational surname for a blacksmith though it may also denote strength.

19. Santoro -- Means saint, so either an occupational surname for a person who worked with the church or who had a religious calling.

20. Caruso -- Caruso means boy, so this surname probably originated to denote a youthful appearance.

Popular Italian Surnames 21-30

21. Lombardi -- Habitational surname denoting origins in the Lombardy region.

22. Martinelli -- Martin names are all derived from Mars, the Roman god of war, so this name may have originated for a soldier or a fighting personality.

23. Moretti -- From Moorish, denoting someone with dark skin or hair.

24. Pagano -- Means pagan, denoting someone of non-Christian or ancient beliefs.

25. De Luca -- Habitational surname from the town of Luca or may be a patronymic for the son of someone named Luca.

26. Gatti -- Gatto means cat, so this surname means someone who resembles or loves cats.

27. Serra -- Occupational surname for a carpenter or woodsman, as serra means saw.

28. Barone -- Means baron and so denotes an aristocrat.

29. Longo -- A descriptive surname denoting someone tall or long-limbed.

30. Marchetti -- Derived from Marzo, the Italian word for the month of March, indicating a birthday in that month.

Popular Italian Last Names 31-40

31. Martini -- Another Mars-connected name indicating a warrior.

32. Vitale -- Means life, indicating someone with a lively personality.

33. Rizzo -- May mean burnt, which could indicate a dark complexion.

34. Amato -- Means beloved.

35. Carbone -- The meaning of coal indicated a coal worker or someone with black hair or a dark complexion.

36. Fiore -- Means flower, so could have originated as the occupational surname of a gardener.

37. De Santis -- Habitational surname denoting someone from the town of Santis.

38. Parisi -- Denotes someone from Paris.

39. Galli -- Another name meaning rooster, probably an occupational surname for a poultry farmer.

40. Silvestri -- The meaning of wild or untamed indicates a person with an adventurous nature.

Top Italian Last Names 41-50

41. Coppola -- The literal meaning is cap.

42. De Angelis -- From the angels.

43. Ferri -- Another occupational name for a blacksmith or someone with an iron will.

44. Gentile -- Gentile literally means gentle.

45. Sala -- The meaning of hall or large room indicates a person who worked in a house.

46. Testa -- Means head and probably indicates a person with a large or noteworthy head.

47. De Rosa -- May be an occupational surname for a gardener or a descriptive last name for a redhead or a pink complexion.

48. Guerriero -- Means warrior.

49. Pellegrini -- The meaning of pilgrim indicates an original bearer who went on a religious journey.

50. Battaglia -- Means battle and so many have been an occupational surname for a soldier or at least someone with a combative nature.

Common Italian Surnames 51-60

51. Leone -- Leonine name connoting a lion's bravery and strength.

52. Santini -- Saint-like meaning indicates a pious person.

53. Fabbri -- Occupational name for a factory worker.

54. Rinaldi -- Related to the name Reginald, meaning advice or counsel.

55. Mazza -- Means mace or club, so may relate to a forceful personality.

56. Lombardo -- Native of Lombardy.

57. Piazza -- Means town square.

58. Rossetti -- Literal meaning is small and red.

59. Villa -- Means country house, so may be a habitational name.

60. Marini -- Another sea-related name denoting a sailor or someone who lives near the sea.

Common Italian Surnames 61-70

61. Ferrara -- May relate to iron or to the city of Ferrara.

62. Riva -- Means shore or bank, so probably indicates someone who lived on a riverbank.

63. Grasso -- Grasso means fat or thick so probably originated as a descriptive surname for a large person.

64 . Ruggiero - Literally means to roar or shout, so may indicate a person with a loud voice.

65. Carli -- A patronymic from the name Carlo or Charles.

66. Santoro -- Another Italian surname meaning saint.

67. Mariani -- A name related to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

68. Costanzo -- Means constant so indicates a reliable person.

69. Orlando -- Orlando means "famous throughout the land".

70. Colombo -- Means dove, symbolizing peace or gentleness.

Common Italian Surnames 71-86

71. Pellegrino-- Another name derived from pilgrim.

72. Palumbo -- A habitational surname taken from the palm tree.

73. Caputo -- Capo means head, so this surname may denote someone with a noteworthy head or a leader.

74. Basile -- Means noble or royal.

75. Conte -- Means count, usually denoting a noble lineage.

76. Bernardi -- Means brave as a bear, denoting courage.

77. De Filippo -- Patronymic related to the Italian Philip.

78. D'Angelo -- Another surname taken from the angels.

79. Ferretti -- An ironworker or a strong person.

80. Bianco -- Meaning of white denotes a fair person.

81. Neri -- Means black, usually denoting someone dark haired or complexioned.

82. Valenti -- Means valiant and denotes a brave ancestor.

83. Farina -- Farina means flour, so this may be an occupational name for a baker.

84. Cattaneo -- Literally means bad or wicked, so may have originated as a descriptive surname.

85. Monti -- Habitational surname indicating someone who lived on a mountain.

86. Bellini -- From bello, means beautiful.


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