Variation of John or Jonathan
"God is gracious; or gift of Jehovah"

Jon Origin and Meaning

The name Jon is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is gracious; or gift of Jehovah".

Streamlined version of the classic boys' names, sometimes a short form of Jonathan, which is in fact an entirely different name from John attached to a different Biblical personage. Jon feels more modern than the traditional John, but some may find it an overly slight variation on an already slim name. Jon Snow is a popular character on HBO's Game of Thrones.

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Jon Popularity

Famous People Named Jon

  • Jon Meade Huntsmanformer U.S Ambassador to China
  • Jon Stevens CorzineAmerican politician, former governor of New Jersey
  • Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz)American comedian and TV host
  • Jonathan Daniel "Jon" HammAmerican actor
  • Jonathan Edward "Jon" BernthalAmerican actor
  • Jon Bon Jovi (born John Francis Bongiovi Jr.)American musician
  • Jonathan Vincent "Jon" VoightAmerican actor
  • Jon Owens aka CasualAmerican rapper
  • John Douglas "Jon" LordEnglish musician of band Deep Purple
  • John Roy "Jon" AndersonEnglish musician of band Yes
  • John Devon Roland "Jon" PertweeEnglish actor
  • Jon David GrudenAmerican NFL coach
  • Jonathan Niven "Jon" CryerAmerican actor
  • Jon FishmanAmerican drummer of band Phish
  • Jonathan "Jon" SedaAmerican Actor
  • Jon Stewartoldest American Ninja Warrior contestant
  • John Nicholas "Jon" OlivaAmerican lead singer of band Savatage
  • Jonathan Mark "Jon" ForemanAmerican lead singer of band Switchfoot
  • Jon Joel RichardsonEnglish comedian
  • Jon StevensNew Zealand singer formerly of band INXS
  • Jonathan Joseph "Jon" HederAmerican actor and twin of Dan Heder
  • Jon PrescottAmerican actor
  • Jon Cozartaka Paint, YouTube personality
  • Jon Alan BarryAmerican basketball player and TV analyst
  • Jonathan Dwight "Jon" JonesAmerican UFC fighter
  • Jon LovettAmerican speechwriter and producer
  • Jonathan Michael "Jon" LovitzAmerican comedian/actor
  • Jon WellnerAmerican actor
  • Jon DaleYouTuber of The Dale Tribe

Jon in Pop Culture

  • Jon Snowcharacter in the "Game of Thrones" series
  • Jon Arbucklecharacter in the Garfield series
  • "Jon" 1983 Finnish movie
  • Jon Arryncharacter in the "Game of Thrones" / "A Song of Ice and Fire" series
  • Jon Conningtoncharacter in the "Game of Thrones" / "A Song of Ice and Fire" series
  • Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent character from DC Comics/ Superman's son and Superboy