"rocky hill"

Tara Origin and Meaning

The name Tara is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "rocky hill".

Despite a rich history in Irish myth preceding its plantation appearance in Gone with the Wind, widespread use in the seventies caused Tara to lose its Irish accent.

American actress Tara Reid helped bring attention to this name, though her career dropped off in tandem with the popularity of the name. Her most recent credits include the B-movie Sharknado series.

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Tara Popularity

Famous People Named Tara

  • Tara ReidAmerican actress
  • Tara SutariaIndian actress
  • Tara Fitzgerald (born Anne Tara G.F. Callaby)English actress
  • Tara Kristen LipinskiAmerican figure skater
  • Tara SaveloAmerican makeup artist
  • Tara Lyn StrongAmerican actress
  • Tara Lynn WilsonCanadian actress
  • Tara Dawn HollandMiss America 1997
  • Tara Elizabeth ConnerMiss USA 2006
  • Tara Leslye KempAmerican pop singer
  • Tara BuckAmerican actress
  • Tara Lynne BarrAmerican actress
  • Tara McLeodCanadian guitarist of band Kittie
  • Tara Lyn SubkoffAmerican actress
  • Tara SummersEnglish actress
  • Tara Leigh Patrickbirth name of Carmen Electra, American actress and model
  • Tara Sue Huffman(b. 1981), 5,year,old American girl abducted, sexually assaulted and killed in 1981
  • Tara WilkieAustralian rhythmic gymnast
  • Tara RosaYouTube family vlogger of Living Rosa

Tara in Pop Culture

  • Tara Plantationhome of Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind"
  • Tara Chamblercharacter from the TV show 'The Walking Dead'
  • Taracharacter in the movie "Epic"
  • "Tara Road" 1998 novel by Maeve Binchy
  • Tara Gregsonmain character on TV's "United States of Tara"
  • Tara Maclaycharacter on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  • Tara Thorntoncharacter from the TV show "True Blood"
  • Tara Knowlescharacter from the TV show "Sons of Anarchy"
  • Tara Colecharacter from the TV show "Leverage"
  • Tara Webstercharacter from TV show "Dance Academy"
  • Tara Jamescharacter in American Girl novel "Chrissa Stands Strong"
  • Tara Brennanmain character in book "13 Gifts"
  • "Tara Duncan" novel by Sophie Audouin,Mamikonian
  • Tara Reedycharacter in movie "Sleepwalking"
  • "Oh Tara" song by The Knack
  • Tara Doucetcharacter in "When the Butterflies Came"
  • Tara Crossleycharacter on TV's "Evermoor"
  • Tara of Heliuma princess in the "Barsoom" novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Taracharacter in DC Comics' "Warlord"
  • Taraan android in Marvel Comics' "New Invaders"
  • Taracharacter in the film "Shrooms"
  • Taracharacter in the TV series "Kim Possible"
  • Taraof "The Herculoids"
  • Tara Fremont aka "Tarathe Jungle Girl" and "Too Tall Tara," character in AC Comics
  • Tara Kingcharacter on TV's "The Avengers"
  • Tara*Starr Lanecharacter in "P.S. Longer Letter Later" and "Snail Mail No More" by Ann M. Martin and Paula Danziger
  • Tara Mandalcharacter on British soap opera "Coronation Street"
  • Tara Markov aka Terracharacter in DC Comics
  • Tara Mehtaan incarnate deity in Virgin Comics' "Devi" series
  • Tara Pricecharacter on the crime drama "CSI: Miami"
  • Tara Reynoldscharacter on British soap opera "Emmerdale"
  • Tara Wilsoncharacter in "The Practice" and its spinoff "Boston Legal"
  • Taracharacter in video game "Dragon Quest Monsters 2"
  • Taracharacter in the "Mostly Ghostly" series
  • Tara Desaicharacter on TV's "Twisted"
  • Taracharacter in Indian film Shudhh Desi Romance