Diminutive of Valentine
"strength, health"

Val Origin and Meaning

The name Val is a boy's name .

Val Kilmer is so macho, you almost forget he bears this slight girls' nickname.

# 985 in the US

Val Rank in US Top 1000

Val Popularity

Famous People Named Val

  • Val Edward KilmerAmerican actor
  • Valentin Aleksandrovich "Val" ChmerkovskiyUkrainian,American dancer on "Dancing with the Stars"
  • Frederick Valdemar Erastus "Val" Peterson26th Governor of Nebraska
  • Val Logsdon FitchAmerican physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Val Lewton (born Vladimir Ivanovich Leventon)Russian,American film director
  • Val Henry GielgudEnglish actor
  • Valmond Maurice "Val" GuestEnglish film director
  • Lovall "Val" BennettJamaican saxophonist
  • Val Allen BrowningAmerican firearms manufacturer
  • Valentine "Val" HarrisIrish footballer
  • Michael Valentine "Val" DoonicanIrish pop singer
  • Valentine "Val" McCallumBritish musician and son of actor David McCallum
  • Val Venisin ring name of wrestler Sean Allen Morley