German, Scandinavian, Polish, and Russian variation of Stephen
"garland, crown"

Stefan Origin and Meaning

The name Stefan is a boy's name of German origin.

An elegant, continental name for the post-Steve era. It debuted on the US Top 1000 in 1949 and has been on the list every year since except for a year off in 2008.

# 948 in the US

Stefan Rank in US Top 1000

# 1112 on Nameberry

Stefan Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Stefan Popularity

Famous People Named Stefan

  • Stefan Uroš IV DušanKing of Serbia
  • (Kjell) Stefan LöfvenPrime Minister of Sweden
  • Stefan LoganAmerican football player
  • Stefan ZweigAustrian novelist
  • Stefan KießlingGerman footballer
  • Stefán Karl StefánssonIcelandic actor
  • Stefan Bengt EdbergSwedish tennis player
  • Stefan Jaimy StruveDutch mixed martial artist
  • Stefan Kendal Gordy aka RedfooAmerican rapper and singer
  • Stefan Basil MolyneuxCanadian podcaster and YouTuber
  • Stefan Corbin Burnett aka MC RideAmerican rapper
  • Stefan KapičićSerbian actor
  • Stefan Walter HellRomanian,German physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Stefan LiYoutuber, creator of StefandStefani
  • Stefan James Donald John "Stef" AbingdonEnglish YouTuber and musician of The Midnight Beast
  • Stefan Djokovicson of tennis star Novak Djokovic

Stefan in Pop Culture

  • Stefan Salvatorecharacter in TV series "The Vampire Diaries"

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