French variation of Marcellus
"little warrior"

Marcel Origin and Meaning

The name Marcel is a boy's name of French origin meaning "little warrior".

Marcel, despite distinguished namesakes including Proust and Duchamp, suffers from a terminal headwaiter image in this country. But along with its sister name Marcella and French variation (and Jolie-Pitt pick) Marcheline, Marcel may be on the brink of a style renaissance.

French Oscar winner Marion Cotillard named her son Marcel in 2011.

Fans of the sitcom Friends will remember Marcel as the name of Ross's pet monkey.

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Marcel Popularity

Famous People Named Marcel

  • Marcel VigneronAmerican chef
  • Marcel MarceauFrench mime
  • Marcel Theo Hall aka Biz MarkieAmerican rapper
  • MarcelFrançois Marie Joseph Lefebvre, French archbishop
  • Marcel Xavier JonesAmerican football player
  • Marcel Francois ChagnonAmerican singer
  • Marcellin "Marcel" CerdanFrench boxer
  • Marcel HossaSlovakian ice hockey player
  • Marcel CastenmillerCanadian model
  • Marcel "Bruno" Bigearddecorated French officer in Indochina and Algeria
  • Marcel Young (b. 1991)son of rapper Dr. Dre and singer Michel'le
  • Marcel Canet (b. 2011)son of actress Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet
  • (HenriRobert,)Marcel Duchamp, French artist
  • (Valentin Louis Georges Eugène) Marcel ProustFrench novelist
  • Marcel KittelGerman cyclist
  • Marcel TitschRivero, German footballer

Marcel in Pop Culture

  • Marcelcapuchin monkey on TV's "Friends"
  • "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" animated YouTube video
  • Marcel the marketing guycharacter in "Best Song Ever" music video by band One Direction
  • Marcellus "Marcel" Gerardcharacter on the "Vampire Diaries" and spinoff 'The Originals'
  • Marcela character in video game "Animal Crossing"
  • Marcela villain on anime "Yu,Gi,Oh! GX"