Finnish variation of Nichoals; diminutive of Nikolaos, Greek
"victory of the people"

Niko Origin and Meaning

The name Niko is a boy's name meaning "victory of the people".

Niko has been rising up the US popularity list for boys since the early 2000s, and floated lazily along at the bottom of the list since the 1980s.

Now, Niko ranks among the Top 300 boy names in the US, just a little behind twin brother Nico. Over 1100 baby boys were named Niko in the US last year and nearly 1500 names Nico, making the name as popular as Ashton and Zion, Jason and George.

Are Niko and Nico the new Nicholas and Nick? Not far off in popularity, and certainly more de la mode.

# 319 in the US

Niko Rank in US Top 1000

# 714 on Nameberry

Niko Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Niko Popularity

Famous People Named Niko

  • Niko Stelios KoutouvidesAmerican football player
  • Niko KovačCroatian footballer
  • Niko KranjčarCroatian footballer
  • Niko EtxartBasque singer,songwriter
  • Niko McKnight (b. 1993)son of singer Brian McKnight
  • Alexander Kingdom Niko "Anno" Birkin, English poet and musician
  • Niko, nickname of Nicholas "Nico" Llewelyn Davies, inspiration for J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan"

Niko in Pop Culture

  • Niko Belliccharacter in video game "Grand Theft Auto IV"
  • Niko Joviccharacter in Nancy Drew game, "The Deadly Device"
  • Nikoreindeer in the movie "The Flight Before Christmas"
  • Nikocharacter in 1994 film "The Mask"
  • Niklaren "Niko" Goldeyecharacter in Tamora Pierce's The Circle Opens series
  • Nikocharacter on animated television series The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • Nikoa pirate in the The Legend of Zelda video games
  • Nikoa character in the 1988 film "Above the Law"