Most Popular Names in Scotland

The most popular names in Scotland for 2020 are Isla and Jack.

Names in the Scottish Top 100 have a lot of overlap with the US Top 100. Along with Isla, the top girl names in Scotland include Olivia, Emily, Freya, and Ava. Along with Jack, Scotland’s top boy names include Noah, James, Leo, and Oliver.

It’s not all similarities, though. Angus, Alfie, Orla, and Imogen are all among Scotland’s top names, but did not make it into the most recent US Top 1000.

Quintessentially Scottish names make the list of most popular names in Scotland as well, such as Eilidh, the Gaelic variation of Helen. Harris and Arran, a Scottish island names, are both patriotic and full of modern style.

Other unique names that rank among Scotland’s Top 100 include Iona, Niamh, and Mirren for girls, and Hamish, Fraser, and Innes for boys.


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