Aquarius Baby Names

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Aquarius baby names relate to both water -- Aquarius is the water bearer of the zodiac -- and air, since Aquarius is technically an air sign. A seaworthy name would be fitting for an Aquarian baby, as would names related to the wind or sky along with names that mean air.

Names for an Aquarius baby could also include those related to the months of January and February. That includes holidays in the Aquarius period ranging from late January to late February, which encompasses Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day. A stylish presidential name such as McKinley or Ike might work, as would a name that means love such as Valentina or Hart.

Aquarians are known for being wise intellectuals, so any name meaning “wise,” such as Sophia and Cato, would make an excellent choice. Of course, there are many notable Aquarius namesakes that could inspire an Aquarian baby name, from Abraham Lincoln and Clark Gable to Jackson Pollack and Bob Marley. If you are expecting an Aquarius baby, these names are worth a look.

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