Aquarius Baby Names

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Names for Aquarius babies relate to both water -- Aquarius is the water bearer of the zodiac -- and air, since Aquarius is technically an air sign. A seaworthy name would be fitting for an Aquarian baby, as would names related to the wind or sky along with names that mean air.

Names for an Aquarius baby could also include those related to the months of January and February. That includes holidays in the Aquarius period ranging from late January to late February, which encompasses Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day. A stylish presidential name such as McKinley or Ike might work, as would a name that means love such as Valentina or Hart.

Aquarians are known for being wise intellectuals, so any name meaning “wise,” such as Sophia and Cato, would make an excellent choice. Of course, there are many notable Aquarius namesakes that could inspire an Aquarian baby name, from Abraham Lincoln and Clark Gable to Jackson Pollack and Bob Marley. If you are expecting an Aquarius baby, these names are worth a look.

  • Aella

    Aella is one of the Amazons in Greek mythology, killed by Heracles in his quest for Hyppolita’s magic girdle. Aella or Aelle (often written as Ælla or Ælle) is also an ancient Saxon masculine... Read More 

  • Aimee

    Amy was a 1970s favorite, and French spelling Aimee peaked in the same decade.

    Aimee Teegarden is an American actress, known for her role as Julie Taylor on the TV drama Friday Night... Read More 

  • Alizeh

    This old Persian name was chosen by actress Geena Davis for her daughter. It's an attractive variation on a name that exists in dozens of forms, from Alissa and Eliza to the French Alizee, but... Read More 

  • Amethyst

    As flower names become more exotic, so can gem names move beyond Ruby and Pearl to names like Topaz, Sapphire and Peridot. Amethyst, the purple birthstone for February, has never been in the Top... Read More 

  • Amora

    Is Amora a real name? It made a strong entrance to the US Top 1000 in 2017 so it's one of the Spanish names for girls... Read More 

  • Anemone

    Anemone is a floral name that relates to the ancient Greek myth of the famous love story of Aphrodite and Adonis, in which Aphrodite transforms her wounded lover's blood into a flower, the... Read More 

  • Aquarius

    Astrological name retains a hippielike Age of Aquarius feel.Read More 

  • Archimedes

    Archimedes of Syracuse was a famous Ancient Greek thinker, especially in the fields of mathematics and sciences. He made important contributions to geometry and calculus. His name was a perfect... Read More 

  • Aria

    Aria has origins in both Italian and Hebrew. In the former, Aria's literal meaning, air, is meant as a musical term denoting a kind of song or melody. Hebrew Aria is a variation of Ari, meaning... Read More 

  • Ariel

    Ariel is a biblical name, seen there as the messenger of Ezra, and also used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem, while Shakespeare used it for a (male) sprite in The Tempest. ... Read More 

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