Aquarius Baby Names

January 27, 2020 E. Wittig
aquarius baby names

By E. Wittig

Aquarius, the water bearer, is the eleventh sign of the western zodiac and a distant constellation in the night sky. People born between late January and late February are given this sign, one of three represented by the element air. They are said to be intelligent, generous, unconventional, and independent individuals. Here are some amazing Aquarius baby names.

Oberon — Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, named for the Greek sky god. While Uranus may not make an ideal name choice, but the names of its satellites may. The five main moons of Uranus are Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon, any of which make attractive baby names.

Eleven — Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Similar to Seven — a recent celebrity choice – Eleven makes an interesting option for daring baby namers. For a foreign twist, consider Swedish, Chichewa, and Italian translations Elva, Leveni, and Undici.

Lilo — Aquarians are humanitarians — generous, compassionate helpers. Lilo means generous gift. Other names with generous in the meaning Include Hiroshi, Gennady, and Eudora.  

Lincoln — Looking to the months and season themselves, Janus, January, Rua, and Winter could be given to a baby born from January 20th to February 18th. You might also draw inspiration from famous Aquarians. Bob Marley, Ellen DeGeneres, Jackson Pollock, and Abraham Lincoln were all born under the water bearer sign.

Minerva — Aquarians are among the intellectuals of the zodiac. Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, is a natural selection for an Aquarius child. Other characters representing intelligence include goddesses Athena and Phoebe and historic inventor Archimedes. Hugo, Cato, and Sophia all mean intellect or wise.  

SadalmelikSadalmelik and its brother Sadalsuud are the brightest stars of Aquarius. These Arabic names mean “luck of the king” and “luckiest of the lucky.” They would make interesting middle names — and Lucky is clearly suitable for an Aquarius born pet. Felix, Felicity, Chance, and Asher are also fortunate names.

TempestTempest is a strong windstorm — perfect for a child with an air sign. Ciel and Sora mean “sky” as does Hawai’ian Lani — “sky, heavens” — and its elaborations Kalani and Noelani — “heavenly mist.” The literal translation of the musical Italian Aria is “air.” Milder wind picks include Breeze, Zephyr and Gale.

Violet — The precious purple Amethyst is the gemstone of the water bearer; Amy is a sweet short form. If those are not to your taste, a different purple name could give a subtle nod to Aquarius. Try Violet, Plum, or Indigo on for size.

Yulin — In China, the constellation Aquarius is known as Yulin after a historical unit of the Imperial Guard. Call your baby Forest — or Forrest — for a more western feel: Yulin translates to “feathered forest.” Babylon knew the star formation as Ea after their god of creation and water.

E. Wittig, Nameberry’s astrology columnist, is a stay at home mom to three well-named kids and is a big fan of unconventional names. She writes novels in her spare time.

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E. Wittig

E. Wittig is a stay at home mom to three well-named kids and is a big fan of unconventional names. She writes novels in her spare time.

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