Diminutive of Rene or Japanese
"water lily; lotus"

Ren Origin and Meaning

The name Ren is a boy's name of Japanese origin meaning "water lily; lotus".

A very popular name for boys, also used for girls, in Japan, most familiar in the West as half of cartoon's "Ren and Stimpy," and as the hero in both the original and updated versions of "Footloose."

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Ren Popularity

Famous People Named Ren

  • Renstage name of Choi Minki, Korean singer of K,Pop boy group NU'EST

Ren in Pop Culture

  • Ren MacCormackmain character in film "Footloose"
  • Ren Hoeka main character on animated series "Ren & Stimpy"
  • Ren Honjomusician in the manga/anime NANA
  • Ren Tsurugacharater on the manga "Skip Beat!"
  • Ren Amamiyaalso known as Akira Kurusu, character in "Persona" series
  • Dhiren "Ren" Rajaram in the "Tiger's Curse" series by Colleen Houck
  • Ren Akatsukicharacter in the manga and anime "Fairy Tail" by Hiro Mashima
  • Ren Kaidoucharacter in the manga "Super Lovers" by Abe Miyuki
  • Ren Hojocharacter in the game "Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water"
  • Lie Rencharacter from the web series "RWBY"
  • Mihashi Rencharacter from the sports manga "Big Windup!"
  • Kylo Ren aka Ben Solocharacter in the Star Wars series
  • Ren Hanacharacter in visual novel "Boyfriend to Death 2"