"son of brown-haired one"

Bronson Origin and Meaning

The name Bronson is a boy's name of English origin meaning "son of brown-haired one".

This surname has a modern yet old New England feel, perhaps because of the association with the transcendental teacher and reformer Bronson (born Amos Bronson) Alcott, father of Louisa May. (One-time sitcom star Bronson Pinchot's full name is Bronson Alcott Pinchot.) A more muscular image comes via tough guy Charles Bronson.

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Bronson Popularity

Famous People Named Bronson

  • Bronson Alcott PinchotAmerican actor
  • (Amos) Bronson AlcottAmerican education reformer
  • Bronson Anthony ArroyoAmerican baseball player
  • Bronson La'CassieAustralian golfer
  • Bronson Matthewsring name of Joshua Bredl, American pro wrestler
  • Charles BronsonAmerican actor
  • Charles Bronson aka Charles Arthur "Charlie" Salvador (born Michael Gordon "Mickey" Peterson)English criminal and subject of film "Bronson"
  • Action Bronsonstage name of Arian Asllani, American rapper and former chef

Bronson in Pop Culture

  • Bronsonresident of Tazmily Village in the video game MOTHER 3
  • Bronson Twistcharacter in Australian TV show "Round the Twist"
  • Skeeter Bronsoncharacter in film "Bedtime Stories"
  • Bronson Alcott High Schoolschool in film "Clueless"