eye-OH-nee or ee-OH-nee
"violet flower"

Ione Origin and Meaning

The name Ione is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "violet flower".

This unusual Greek flower and color name has gained considerable recent attention via actress Ione Skye, who is the daughter of sixties folksinger Donovan.

Ione was one of the fifty sea nymphs — Nereids — in ancient Greek mythology.

Parents attracted to newer I-names like Isla might want to consider the distinctive Ione. The English pronunciation usually starts with the long I, while in the Latin languages such as Italian it starts with the long E sound.

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Ione Popularity

Famous People Named Ione

  • Ione SkyeAmerican actress
  • Ione Jean ChristensenCanadian Senator
  • Ione Franklin (b. 1877)daughter of the artist James McNeill Whistler
  • Doris Ione Smithbirth name of Donna Douglas, American actress
  • Aeone Victoria WatsonBritish singer,songwriter

Ione in Pop Culture

  • Ione Fostercharacter in 2011 film "Detention"
  • Ionemale character in TV series "Andromeda"
  • Also pronounced eyeOWN