"mountain goat"

Jael Origin and Meaning

The name Jael is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "mountain goat".

This attractive Old Testament option is the name of a place in northern Israel.

Jael Popularity

Famous People Named Jael

  • JaelBiblical"tent,dwelling woman" who killed Sisera, commander of an opposing army, by driving a tent peg through his temple while he slept
  • Jael de PardoAmerican actress and TV personality (pronounced jy,ell)
  • Jael StraussAmerican model from Cycle 8 of "America's Next Top Model" (pron. jay,ell)
  • Jael OtienoKenyan mother of U.S. President Barack Obama's half,brother, George Obama
  • Jaël (born Rahel Krebs)Swiss singer,songwriter of band Lunik
  • Jael Uribe (Elizabeth Medina)Dominican poet

Jael in Pop Culture

  • Jael Drew (née Trude)character from Storm Jameson's "The Pitiful Wife"
  • Jael Dencecharacter in "Put Yourself in His Place" (1870) by Charles Reade
  • Jael (born Alice Jael Reasoner)assassin in Joanna Russ' "The Female Man"