Best Boy Names Ending in O

Boy names ending in the letter O have been fashionable for a couple of decades now, with many of the most popular choices zooming to the top of the list.

The best boy names ending in O include selections from those top names as well as unique O-ending names. The Top O-ending boy name in the US right now is the Spanish Mateo. Along with Mateo, other boy names ending in O in the US Top 500 include Leo, Santiago, Milo, and Theo.

Unique boy names ending in O that make our best list include Anselmo, Benno, Caio, and Laszlo.

Of course, O is the usual ending for boys' names in Italy, Spain, and other Latinate countries. O-ending boys' names popular internationally include choices from those lands as well as boys' names with other origins that carry the O ending.

We've included a few fashionable names here that don't technically end in O but in the O sound.

If you want to explore beyond our Best List, see our master list of nearly 1800 boy names ending in o.
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