Reno Origin and Meaning

The name Reno is a boy's name .

Has a lively and swaggering sound, and also some unfortunate associations with Reno, city of gambling and failed marriages.

# 831 in the US

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Reno Popularity

Famous People Named Reno

  • Roy "Reno" WilsonAmerican actor and comedian
  • Renoring name of Richard Cornell, American pro wrestler
  • Reno Rigginsring name of Neal Hargrove, American pro wrestler
  • Reno Peter BertoiaItalian,Canadian baseball player
  • Reno CollierAmerican comedian
  • Reno Leon Harnish IIIAmerican diplomat and environmental official
  • (Sateki) Reno MaheJr., American NFL player
  • Reno Bent OlsenDanish cyclist
  • Reno Browne (born Josephine Ruth Clarke)American actress

Reno in Pop Culture

  • Renoa character in video game Final Fantasy VII
  • Reno Rainescharacter on TV series "Renegade"
  • Reno Sweeneyfemale character in musical "Anything Goes"
  • "Reno Dakota" song by the Magnetic Fields
  • RenoNevada, USA, gambling mecca
  • Renoshort for renovation