Italian variation of George

Giorgio Origin and Meaning

The name Giorgio is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "farmer".

Giorgio as is rich in meaning and history as George, but with more Italian flair. It's a consistent Top 50 hit in Italy, and with Italian boy names like Gianni and Lorenzo rising through the charts, could be another one to add to the mix.

The best-known modern bearer is fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Popularity

Famous People Named Giorgio

  • Giorgio ArmaniItalian fashion designer
  • Giorgio ChielliniItalian footballer
  • Giorgio Napolitano11th President of Italy
  • (Giovanni) Giorgio MoroderItalian techno musician
  • Giorgio AgambenItalian philosopher
  • Giorgio de ChiricoItalian surrealist painter
  • Giorgio ChinagliaItalian footballer
  • Giorgio VasariItalian painter

Giorgio in Pop Culture

  • Giorgio Brunocharacter in video game Time Crisis 4
  • Giorgio Zottcharacter in video game Time Crisis 3

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