Greek or Hebrew
"new moon; pleasantness"

Neoma Origin and Meaning

The name Neoma is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "new moon; pleasantness".

An obscure yet on-trend name with two wonderful meanings associated with it. Neoma is one of the freshest celestial girl names with moon-related meanings, rarer than Luna or Phoebe but with the same fluid sound.

Despite being a hot name on Nameberry, Neoma is given to only a handful of baby girls per year in the US, although it enjoyed a little more popularity in the first four decades of the twentieth century, reaching Number 664 in 1907.

Neoma's derivation is twofold. It is a Latinized variant of the Hebrew name Naomi, meaning "pleasantness". It also means "new moon" in Greek, from neo "new, young" plus mene "moon".

# 995 in the US

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Neoma in Pop Culture

  • Neomaheroine in Barbara Cartland's book Light of the Moon
  • The Greek verb neomai means "return home" (source of Nestor)