"house steward, dispenser of provisions"

Spencer Origin and Meaning

The name Spencer is a boy's name of English origin meaning "house steward, dispenser of provisions".

Spencer is a name that has everything: it's both distinguished sounding and accessible, dignified but Spencer Tracy-like friendly. Picked by several celebrities (a couple of times even for a girl), adding up to an enthusiastically recommended choice.

As a family surname, Spencer became the middle name of Winston Churchill, and was the maiden name of Princess Diana. The surname version was often spelled Spenser in the past, as in Edmund Spenser, the poet known for The Faerie Queene.

The protagonist of Henry James's short story The Jolly Corner" is Spencer Brydon.

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Spencer Popularity

Famous People Named Spencer

  • Spencer Bonaventure TracyAmerican actor
  • Spencer PercevalBritish prime minister
  • (Edward) Spencer Abraham10th U.S. Secretary of Energy; Senator from Michigan
  • Spencer BreslinAmerican actor; brother of Abigail Breslin
  • Spencer Mason HawesAmerican basketball player
  • Spencer HaywoodAmerican basketball player
  • Spencer PaysingerAmerican football player
  • Charles Spencer ChaplinAmerican actor and director
  • Spencer SmithAmerican drummer of band Panic! at the Disco
  • Spencer William PrattAmerican reality TV personality ("The Hills")
  • Spencer Goodingson of actor Cuba Gooding Jr
  • Spencer Shuga Knightbrother of actor Sterling Knight
  • Spencer ListAmerican actor
  • Spencer Hawkson of American pro skater Tony Hawk
  • Herbert Spencer GasserAmerican physiologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Spencer Tweedyson of musician Jeff Tweedy of Wilco; drummer of band Tweedy
  • Spencer Frederick Trumpgrandson of President Donald Trump
  • Charles Edward Maurice Spencer9th Earl Spencer
  • Spencer AckermanAmerican national security reporter and blogger
  • Spencer CharnasAmerican Metal vocalist of Ice Nine Kills
  • Spencer Kaling (b. 2020)son of actress Mindy Kaling

Spencer in Pop Culture

  • Dr. Spencer ReidFBI profiler on TV's "Criminal Minds"
  • Spencer Shaybrother of Carly on TV's "iCarly" played by Jeremy Trainor
  • Spencer Olchincharacter on TV's "King of Queens"
  • Spencer'schain of party gift shops
  • Shawn Spencermain character on "Psych"
  • Eliot Spencercharacter on TV's "Leverage"
  • Spencer Walshcharacter on "Good Luck Charlie"
  • Spencer Monroecharacter on "The Walking Dead"
  • Spencer Mooncharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Spencer MatthewsUK reality TV personality "Made in Chelsea"
  • Spencer Cogswellcharacter on "The Jetsons" Manager of Cogswell Cogs