"fortunate protector"

Edmund Origin and Meaning

The name Edmund is a boy's name of English origin meaning "fortunate protector".

The sophisticated Edmund and its nearly-identical French twin Edmond are coming out of mothballs now that Edward, inspired by Twilight, is once again a hot name.

Edmund has had an enviable history, as evidenced by these quotes: "There is nobleness in the name of Edmund," says a Jane Austen character, and the poet John Keats once bemoaned, "Had my name been Edmund, I would have been more fortunate."

Famous bearers include the English astronomer Edmund Halley, after whom the comet was named, poet Edmund Spenser, great Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean, and New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary. Literary Edmunds appear in King Lear,, Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, and Dickens's Little Dorrit.

Edmund reached its highest point of popularity in the U.S. in 1914, when it was Number 130; it hasn't appeared on the list since 1997--making it even more attractive as an uncommon alternative to Edward.

Eamon is the cheery Irish version.

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Edmund Popularity

Famous People Named Edmund

  • Saint Edmund the MartyrKing of East Anglia
  • Edmund I and IIKings of England
  • Edmund BurkeIrish statesman, political theorist, philosopher, author, and orator
  • Edmund SpenserEnglish poet
  • Edmund Henry GarrettAmerican illustrator
  • Edmund Sixtus "Ed" Muskie58th U.S. Secretary of State
  • Sir Edmund Percival HillaryNew Zealand mountaineer
  • Edmund Gustav Albrecht HusserlGerman philosopher
  • Edmund Gerald "Jerry" BrownAmerican politician; 34th and 39th governor of California
  • Edmund P. MurrayAmerican novelist and journalist
  • Edmund LenihanIrish author and storyteller
  • Saint Edmund Rich13th,century Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Edmund GettierAmerican philosopher
  • Edmund John James ReidEnglish police detective and aeronaut
  • Edmund AnscombeNew Zealand architect
  • Edmund GouldingEnglish film director
  • Edmund AllenbyEnglish soldier and British Imperial Governor
  • Saint Edmund Arrowsmithone of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
  • Saint Edmund Campionone of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
  • Saint Edmund Genningsone of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
  • Edmund "Ned" Foleyson of actor Dave Foley

Edmund in Pop Culture

  • Edmundcharacter in Shakespeare's "King Lear"
  • Edmund Pevensiecharacter in "The Chronicles of Narnia"
  • Edmund Blackaddercharacter on TV's "Blackadder," named after the character in King Lear
  • Edmund Bertramcharacter in Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park"
  • Edmond Dantesmain character in Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo"
  • Edmund Tyronecharacter in Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey into Night"
  • Edmund Reidcharacter on TV's "Ripper Street"
  • Edmund Fitzgeralda ship that sank in the Great Lakes
  • "Wreck of the Edmund Fizgerald" song by Gordon Lightfoot
  • Edmundcharacter in G. A. Henty's "The Dragon and the Raven"
  • Edmund 'Bunny' Corcorancharacter in Donna Tartt's "The Secret History"
  • Edmund "Ned" Chicanebeloved character in the second campaign of the podcast "The Adventure Zone"