Acacia Origin and Meaning

The name Acacia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "thorny".

Acacia is an attractive, rarely used Greek flower name enhanced by its popular beginning-and-ending-with 'a'-construct, and is gradually beginning to catch on as a new member of the stylish girl names starting with A.

The acacia is a shrub of the mimosa family, with clusters of showy white or yellow blossoms, which symbolizes resurrection and immortality--making the name especially appropriate for an Easter-season baby.

Named by an early Greek botanist, the acacia is known for its fine wood and medicinal properties. It also has biblical ties, since the Ark of the Covenant was made out of Acacia wood.

As a given name, Acacia has had some popularity in Australia, where the acacia (sometimes known there as the wattle) is a common plant and sometime national symbol.

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Famous People Named Acacia

  • Acacia KerseyAmerican Youtube personality

Acacia in Pop Culture

  • Miss Acaciacharacter in "La Mecanique du Coeur" by Mathias Malzieu and film "Jack et La Mecanique du Coeur"
  • Acaciafantasy series by David Anthony Durham
  • Acaciamentioned in the game Silent Hill 2