"animal name"

Sable Origin and Meaning

The name Sable is a girl's name meaning "animal name".

Sable is often associated with the Dynsaty soap opera, but it is actually a type of animal historically hunted for its fur. Sable is also used as a word for a warm, rich black color. Both associations carry hints of luxury.

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Sable Popularity

Famous People Named Sable

  • Sablering name of Rena Marlette Lesnar, American pro wrestler
  • Sable Starr (born Sable Hay Shields)American 1970s rock groupie

Sable in Pop Culture

  • Silver Sablea bounty hunter from "Spiderman"
  • Sablea species of marten, used for fur
  • Sableelf character from "Close Kin" and "In the Coils of the Snake" by Clare Dunkle (The Hollow Kingdom trilogy)
  • Sable Ablea character from the video game "Animal Crossing"