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"free man"

Kale Origin and Meaning

The name Kale is a boy's name of Hawaiian origin.

Whether you think of it as Cale with a K, or a pet form of Kalen or Kaleb, this is just the kind of short, synthetic name finding a lot of favor now, but remember -- it's also the name of a vegetable.

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Kale Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Kale Popularity

Famous People Named Kale

  • Charles Teetai "Kale" Ane IIIAmerican NFL player
  • David Charles "Kale" BrowneAmerican actor
  • Kale CezarioGhanaian politician
  • Kale Kyetaungnyo15th century King of Ava, Burma
  • Kale WilliamsAmerican civil rights activist

Kale in Pop Culture

  • Kalecharacter in animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
  • Kalea character in film A Perfect Getaway
  • Kale Brechtmain character in film Disturbia
  • Kale Ingramcharacter on TV series Rubicon
  • Kaleprincess in Heather Dixon's "Entwined"