Tigerlily Origin and Meaning

The name Tigerlily is a girl's name .

This name of the bright orange flower found in Asia has been used occasionally in English-speaking countries. A notable namesake is Tiger Lily, the Native American princess from Peter Pan. Read more about Tiger Lily and other Disney Princess Names in our featured blog.

Tigerlily Popularity

Famous People Named Tigerlily

  • (Heavenly Hiraani) Tiger Lily Geldofbiological daughter of singer Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates, adopted daughter of singer Bob Geldof
  • Tigerlily Tamara Kabishi HillCaymanian fashion designer and TV personality
  • DJ Tigerlilystage name of Dara Kristen Hayes, Australian DJ
  • Tigerlily Tayloran English fashion model and daughter of Roger Taylor and Debbie Leng

Tigerlily in Pop Culture

  • Tigerlilycharacter in Disney's "Peter Pan"
  • Tiger Lilycharacter from the Rupert Bear comics
  • Tiger Lily White aka Bubblescharacter in film "Dance, Girl, Dance"
  • Dr. Berenice "Tigerlily" Jonescharacter in webcomic Skin Horse by Jeffrey Wells and Shaenon Garrity
  • "Tigerlily" album by Natalie Merchant