Each State's Unique Favorite Name on Nameberry

Each State's Unique Favorite Name on Nameberry

What is your state's unique favorite name? The name that's disproportionately beloved in your area?

If you live in Colorado, the answer is Tiberius. If you're in Tennessee, it's Tilly.

We compared the Top 500 most searched names on Nameberry in 2023 in each state and identified the names that appeared on only a single state's list.

The highest-ranking unique name is listed after the colon (and on the map above), but other quirky favorites are listed for states with multiple one-offs.

Find your state's unique favorite below!

Alabama: Tuesday

One of the quirkiest of the quirky favorites, Alabama Berries are uniquely drawn to the neglected day name Tuesday.

Alaska: Olletta

Vintage Olletta was only searched in Alaska last year. Other names uniquely favored in Alaska include Arcadia and Aveline, Kenai and Kiska, and, of course, Alaska itself.

Arizona: Xiomara

Along with Xiomara, Arizona residents are particularly interested in Barrett.

Arkansas: Betty

This old-fashioned nickname — ready for an American revival — is a unique favorite in Arkansas.

California: Eliseo

Eliseo is a fast-rising name on the national scale but is far more popular than average in California, which has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the US.

Colorado: Tiberius

A dramatic choice connected to an Ancient Roman emperor, Tiberius is attracting attention in Colorado.

Connecticut: Roxanne

Connecticut was also the only state searching for Roxana, along with other extravagant girl names like Melusine, Maybelline, Nefertari, Sibylla, and Almandine.

Delaware: Ciara

Ciara fell out of the national Top 1000 in 2017, but Berries in Delaware are still fascinated by this Irish choice.

D.C.: Booker

It's only natural that Washington, D.C. uniquely loves Booker, as in Booker T. Washington. D.C. Berries are also partial to Simone, Maxine, Yara, and Navy.

Florida: Cerys

This sweet Welsh name that means love is a Florida favorite.

Georgia: Holland

Georgia is a common place name itself, but Georgia Berries are uniquely interested in Holland.

Hawaii: Makoa

At Number 31 among popular names in Hawaii, it's no surprise Makoa tops the list of Hawaii's quirky favorites. Others include Keahi, Kailea, Kainalu, and the royal name Lili'uokalani.

Idaho: Briana

Millennial darling Briana was Idaho's most unique favorite name last year.

Illinois: Anton

International names abound in Illinois, where in addition to the German, Russian, and Scandinavian Anton, the Italian Giancarlo and Japanese Tsuki count among the state's quirky favorites.

Indiana: Solomon

The gentle and biblical Solomon was particularly beloved in Indiana in 2023.

Iowa: Josette

Josette is due for a comeback, and Iowa Berries are leading the charge.

Kansas: Mael

This popular French name — also rendered as Maël — was among the Top 10 names searched in Kansas last year.

Kentucky: Branson

Kentucky Berries love a good cowboy name! For girls, Honey is the state's unique favorite.

Louisiana: Tamsin

Tamsin — an offbeat contraction of Thomasina — is particularly beloved in Louisiana.

Maine: Rika

Maine Berries were interested in Rika last year. It's one of our favorite Traveling Lite names, found in Japan as well as many European countries.

Maryland: Zahava

Maryland readers searched for romantic girl names in 2023: Athalia and Kaliyah also made the list of quirky favorites.

Massachusetts: Holmes

Perhaps influenced by state history — Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. was a Supreme Court justice from Massachusetts.

Michigan: Marcella

Feminine and sophisticated Marcella is favored in the Mitten State.

Minnesota: Iorek

Move over Lyra, you're not the only His Dark Materials name in town. Minnesota Berries are fascinated by Iorek, another name from the trilogy.

Mississippi: Amadeus

This extravagant Latin choice — commonly associated with Mozart — was most favored in Mississippi, along with girly nicknames Lexi and Josie.

Missouri: Amity

An under-the-radar virtue name is intriguing Missouri Berries, as well as '80s favorite Amber.

Montana: Artem

Artem is a popular Ukrainian name related to the fast-rising Greek mythology choice, Artemis.

Nebraska: Jream

This nouveau spelling of Dream is attracting eyes in Nebraska, along with Shelley, Michelle, and Mercedes.

Nevada: Pandora

Nevada, home of Sin City, loves Pandora — the name of the woman who released evil and sin into the world.

New Hampshire: Karen

New Hampshire Berries searched for Karen — the name-turned-meme — more than any other state in 2023. Also on their list of unique favorites: Alanis, Seamus, and Bathsheba.

New Jersey: Jacaerys

Game of Thrones name Jacaerys was of particular interest in New Jersey last year, as well as mom names like Jennifer, Amanda, and Christina.

New Mexico: Araceli

Spanish names are particularly popular in New Mexico, naturally. Along with Araceli, other Spanish choices uniquely favored in the state include Esai and Inigo.

New York: Jupiter

New York Berries are ahead of the curve searching Jupiter — a rising celestial and mythological name.

North Carolina: Ursa

Part celestial name, part animal name (it means "bear") Ursa is a lovely choice attracting attention in North Carolina. For boys, the state's top unique pick is Hyde.

North Dakota: Ngaire

Ngaire is a Maori name popular in New Zealand...not North Dakota. Nevertheless, North Dakota Berries are interested in the name, along with choices like Dax, Effie, Acacia, and Mirabella.

Ohio: Crosby

Last names as first names are favorites in Ohio — along with Crosby, Roscoe ranks among the state's quirky favorites.

Oklahoma: Tula

Tula is a common name among the Choctaw, one of the five main Native American tribes of Oklahoma.

Oregon: Clio

Clio, the Greek muse of poetry and history, was most-searched in Oregon last year.

Pennsylvania: Francine

We'll be watching Midcentury favorite Francine to see if it makes an early comeback in Pennsylvania.

Puerto Rico: Yadiel

Baseball player Yadiel Rivera has inspired thousands of Puerto Rican Berries to search his name over the past year. Other unique favorites include Ignacio, Galilea, Nahir, and Apollonia.

Rhode Island: Heath

Along with Heath, Rhode Island Berries were uniquely interested in names like Hannelore, Lilac, Marguerite, and Percival in 2023.

South Carolina: Dorcas

Hopelessly dated Dorcas was the top quirky favorite in South Carolina, followed by rare Ro- names Roisin and Rowena.

South Dakota: Aqua

Not only was Aqua the top name uniquely searched in South Dakota last year, it was the top name searched, period! Lorella and Verona — two more choices unique to SD — also make the Top 5 overall.

Tennessee: Tilly

Vintage nickname Tilly was especially beloved in Tennessee in 2023.

Texas: Dimitri

Texas Berries were uniquely interested in Dimitri — a Slavic name connected to the Greek Goddess Demeter.

Utah: Kiri

Utah is known for its quirky baby names, and Kiri — a Maori name meaning "tree bark" — was the state's most popular only-in-Utah choice of 2023. Others include Meadow, Boone, Tabitha, and Delorean.

Vermont: March

Vermont loves a brisk baby name. In addition to March, other unique favorites in Vermont include Fenn, Lark, and Miro.

Virginia: Lilah

In 2023, Virginia was the only state to count this variation of Lilah among its most-searched.

Washington: Oren

A sensitive boy name with a nature-related meaning — "laurel" or "pine tree" — Oren is a fitting choice for the Pacific Northwest.

West Virginia: Isobel

The Scottish spelling of Isobel was uniquely favored in West Virginia last year.

Wisconsin: Leora

In 2023, Wisconsin Berries were particularly interested in Leora — a vintage Hebrew name also spelled Liora.

Wyoming: Clyde

This vintage cowboy name is well-suited for the West. Wyoming also loves Della and Maelyn, Finnick and Rollo.

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