Most Popular Names in Estonia

The most popular names in Estonia for 2021-22 were Mia and Mark.

Along with Mia, other top girl names in Estonia include Sofia, Eva, Alisa, Marta, Emma, Lenna, Maria, Nora, and Hanna. As well as Mark, popular Estonian boy names include Robin, Sebastian, Hugo, Oskar, Martin, Oliver, Miron, Rasmus, and Aron.

In the whole population of Estonia, the most common names are Olga — a Russian name meaning "holy" — and Aleksandr, the Russian variation of Alexander.

Estonia's neighboring countries have a strong influence on Estonian names. Estonia is bordered to the east by Russia, and Russian names such as Igor and Natalia rank highly. Finland is also nearby, and Estonians have embraced Finnish choices such as Anneli and Tarmo for their children.

Uniquely Estonian names among the most popular baby names in Estonia include Sirje and Kadri for girls, Urmas and Indrek for boys.

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