"he descends"

Jared Origin and Meaning

The name Jared is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "he descends".

Jared is an Old Testament name that has been popular for decades--it was revived in the sixties via TV westerns-- and is still an appealing option.

In the Bible, Jared was a descendant of Adam who became the father of Enoch at the age of 162--and then lived on for another eight hundred years. Two contemporary Jareds are actors Jared Leto and Jared Harris. Jared Cameron is a shape-shifting werewolf character in the Twilight series of books and movies.

Other spellings include Jarred, Jarrad, Jarrod and Jarod.

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Jared Popularity

Famous People Named Jared

  • JaredBiblical patriarch, son of Mahalaleel; father of Enoch who lived 962 years (Genesis 5:18)
  • Jared Tristan PadaleckiAmerican actor
  • Jared Joseph LetoAmerican actor and musician
  • Jared Mason DiamondAmerican scientist and author
  • (Jared) Drake BellAmerican actor and singer
  • (Michael) Jared FollowillAmerican musician of band Kings of Leon
  • Jared Scot AllenAmerican NFL football player
  • Jared Cook Jr.American NFL football player
  • Jared Thomas GoffAmerican NFL player
  • Jared SullingerAmerican basketball player
  • Jared Schutz PolisU.S. Congressman from Colorado
  • Jared William HuffmanU.S. Congressman from California
  • Jared Francisco Borgetti (Echavarri­a)Mexican footballer
  • Jared Antonio Farrowbirth name Jay Pharaoh, American comedian
  • Jared Scott GilmoreAmerican actor
  • Jared Scott Fogledisgraced American spokesman for Subway restaurants
  • Jared Eiseley PalmerAmerican tennis player
  • Jared Francis HarrisBritish actor
  • Jared Lawrence HessAmerican film director
  • Jared Evan (Siegel)American singer,songwriter
  • Jared Christopher MartinAmerican actor
  • Jared James Belushison of actor Jim Belushi
  • Jared Corey KushnerAmerican businessman, investor and White House advisor; son,in,law of President Donald Trump
  • Jared MechamAmerican vlogger from "Ellie and Jared"
  • Jared ShoresCo,creator of "Studio C"
  • Jared Hasselhoffstage name of Jared Victor Hennegan, American musician of band Bloodhound Gang
  • Jared Knabenbauer aka proJaredAmerican YouTuber
  • Jared NathanAmerican actor

Jared in Pop Culture

  • Jared Barkleyeldest son on TV's "The Big Valley"
  • Jared "Enigma" McCloudcharacter on TV's "Nip/Tuck"
  • Jared Gracecharacter in "The Spiderwick Chronicles"; twin brother Simon Grace
  • Jared Colecharacter in movie "Into the Blue"
  • Jared Boothcharacter on TV's "Bones"
  • Jared Howecharacter in Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"
  • Jared Friocharacter in "The Sims 3" computer game
  • Jaredjewelry store
  • Jared Dunncharacter on HBO's "Silicon Valley"
  • Jared Kleinmancharacter in "Dear Evan Hansen"