Variation of Jonathan
"gift of Jehovah"

Johnathan Origin and Meaning

The name Johnathan is a boy's name meaning "gift of Jehovah".

Some people may prefer this spelling to clarify the name's connection to John, but it could be one h too many, exemplified by its steady decline over the past two decades.

# 467 in the US

Johnathan Rank in US Top 1000

Johnathan Popularity

Famous People Named Johnathan

  • Johnathan ThurstonAustralian rugby league player
  • Johnathan RiceScottish,American singer,songwriter
  • Johnathan JosephAmerican football player
  • Johnathan FranklinAmerican football player
  • Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1tyAmerican pro video gamer
  • Johnathan Richard "John" BuckAmerican baseball player
  • Johnathan YoungBritish TV producer
  • Chancellor Johnathan Bennett aka Chance the RapperAmerican rapper