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Gender: M Origin of Taylor: English occupational name Taylor's Popularity in 2016: #476

The fact that Taylor was the ninth most popular girl's name throughout the 1990s might cause parents to consider Tyler, Tate or Taye instead as baby names for their sons. (It's currently Number 89 on the girls' list.) Twilight's Taylor Lautner, though, is keeping it viable for the boys.

Famous People Named Taylor

Taylor Daniel Lautner, American actor
Taylor Reuben Hicks, American singer-songwriter
(Jordan) Taylor Hanson, American musician of band Hanson
Taylor Jacks Kinney, American actor
Taylor Kitsch, Canadian actor
(Oliver) Taylor Hawkins, American drummer
Taylor Laurence Handley, American actor
Taylor Benjamin York, American guitarist of band Paramore
Taylor Branch, American author and historian
Taylor Austin James, American DJ and MC
Taylor Lee Douthit, American baseball player
Taylor Jordan, American baseball pitcher
Taylor Strba Hall, Canadian ice hockey player
Taylor Houser Jacobs, American NFL football player
Taylor Mays, American NFL football player
Taylor Reed, American CFL football player
Taylor James Henderson, Australian singer
Taylor Worth, Australian archer
Taylor Ruck, Canadian swimmer
Jonathan Taylor Thomas, American actor
Taylor McFerrin, American musician; son of singer Bobby McFerrin
Taylor Levi Estevez (b. 1984), son of American actor Emilio Estevez
Taylor Biehn (b. 1984), son of actors Michael Biehn and Carlene Olson; twin brother Devon
Taylor Holmes (b. 1987), son of actor Scott Holmes
Taylor Christian Funk (b. 1995), son of golfer Fred Funk
Taylor Douglas (b. 1996), son of actor Aaron Douglas
Taylor Baxter Burton (b. 1997), son of singer Dolores O'Riordan and Don Burton
Taylor Robson Green (b. 2000), son of actor Robson Green and model Vanya Seager
Taylor Kewell (b. 2001), son of actress Sheree Murphy and footballer Harry Kewell
Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck (b. 2007), son of TV personality Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck

Pop Culture References for the name Taylor

Taylor Healy, character on TV's "Lipstick Jungle"
Taylor, a lead character on "American Crime"
Taylor, a character in the webseries "Awesome Land"
Taylor, character from TV's "Barry"

Tailer, Tailor, Teyler, Tayller, Taelor, Taylour, Tayllor, Teylor, Talor, Tayler, Taelur, Taylr, Taylar