"the flooder"

Trent Origin and Meaning

The name Trent is a boy's name of English origin meaning "the flooder".

This strong single-syllable boys’ name has been finding favor with parents since the fifties, though it's been slipping in recent years; it fell out of the Top 500 for the first time since 1959 in 2015. Its main associations have been with the River Trent, whose name dates back to prehistoric times, and with former Mississippi Senator Trent (born Chester) Lott, and Trent Reznor (born Michael) of Nine Inch Nails.

In the eighteenth century, William Trent founded a settlement, which became the city known as Trenton (Trent's town), and that morphed into a first name for boys.

(James) Trent Olson is the only brother of the three Olson sisters; Trent Ford has been seen on Gosford Park, The West Wing and Vampire Diaries. And the name of the Vince Vaughn character in the 1996 movie Swingers is Trent.

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Trent Popularity

Famous People Named Trent

  • (Michael) Trent ReznorAmerican musician of band Nine Inch Nails
  • (Chester) Trent LottU.S. senator
  • Trent Addison EdwardsAmerican football player
  • Trenton Jamond "Trent" RichardsonAmerican football player
  • Trent FranksU.S. Congressman from Arizona
  • Trent Lucas SainsburyAustralian footballer
  • Trent Jason GreenAmerican football player
  • Trent James ColeAmerican football player
  • Trent Farris DilferAmerican football player
  • Trent Matthias KowalikAmerican actor and singer
  • Trent TomlinsonAmerican country music singer
  • Trent WillmonAmerican country music singer
  • Trent Barretaring name of Gregory "Greg" Marasciulo, American pro wrestler
  • Trenton William "Trent" HarmonAmerican pop singer
  • Trent Scottbrother of American actress Stefanie Scott
  • (James) Trent Olsenbrother of Olsen twins and actress Elizabeth Olsen
  • Trent Heaven "Fivel" StewartAmerican actress
  • Trent BoultNew Zealand Cricketer
  • Trent AlexanderArnold, English footballer

Trent in Pop Culture

  • Trent Eastoncharacter in the video game franchise "Perfect Dark"
  • Trentcharacter in "Magicians of Xanth"
  • Trent Malloycharacter on TV show "Walker, Texas Ranger"
  • Trent Ramseycharacter from movie '"The Way Way Back"
  • Trentcharacter from the movie "Lawn Dogs"
  • Trentcharacter on TV's "Crazy Ex,Girlfriend"
  • Trent Lanecharacter on animated series "Daria"
  • Trentcharacter on animated series "Total Drama"
  • Trent FernandezWhite Dino Ranger on TV's "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder"
  • Will Trentmain character in the book series by Karin Slaughter
  • Edison Trentmain character in video game "Freelancer"
  • River TrentUnited Kingdom
  • Trent the Babymain character in YouTube animated series “Trent the Baby”