2013 Baby Names: The state of the States’ popularity

2013 Baby Names: The state of the States’ popularity

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Now that Social Security has released the top names for every state, we can move beyond the broad nationwide picture and delve into the more regional patterns.  As you’ll see below, far from every state was on board with newly crowned Noah—in fact he topped the lists of only three states. Also it’s interesting to see how various favorites spill over shared borders, such as which names were common primarily in New England (Benjamin!), the South (Brooklyn!) and the West (Harper!), as well as such idiosyncrasies as Paisley being a Top 5 name in Wyoming, Lincoln in the Utah Top 10 and Aria a top name in Hawaii.


Though Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava were the Top 5 nationwide, Sophia was at the top of the list in only 11 states, while Emma ruled in 27, Olivia in seven, Ava in three and Isabella in two.  The one outlier? Charlotte was in the lead in the District of Columbia.

Other more individualistic choices among the girls:

Aubrey (#17 nationally) came in at Number 4 in Mississippi, #5 in Louisiana

Avery ((#12) was #5 in Nebraska

Evelyn (#20) was #5 in Wisconsin

Genesis—(#55) was the fourth most popular name in DC.

Harper (#16)—is definitely on the way up, especially in middle and western America—she ranked # 2 In Iowa and South Dakota, #3 in Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota, #5 in Kansas: a pretty sure bet for the Top 10 next year

Paisley (#80 nationally!) ranked at #5 in Wyoming.

Moving on to include the Top 10, we find some other anomalies:

Addison#7 in Arkansas and Mississippi, 8 in Missouri, 6 in Idaho and Kentucky, 9 in North Carolina and North Dakota, 10 in Indiana and Ohio

Alexis–#9 in SD

Amelia–#6 in Vermont, 7 in Oregon and DC, 9 in Minnesota, 10 in Alaska and Illinois

Aria—(#40 nationally) #7 in Hawaii

Brooklyn#6 in Mississippi, 8 in Alabama and Arkansas, 10 in Louisiana, 7 in Montana, 9 in Utah

Camila(39 nationally) #8 in California

Eleanor#10 in DC

Grace#9 in New Hampshire, 8 in SD

Lillian#6 in Indiana, 7 in Ohio, 9 in WV, 10 in Wyoming

Lucy8 in Utah

Nevaeh#9 in New Mexico

Serenity (53)#10 in New Mexico

Taylor—#8 in Mississippi

Victoria—#10 in Texas

Zoe#6 in DC

Zoey–#10 in Iowa


There was quite a bit more diversity on the blue side.  The Top 5 on the national list were Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason and William, but Noah was Number 1 in only three states: Arizona, Illinois and New Mexico. Liam, on the other hand, ranked highest in 18, Jacob in the populous states of California, New York and Texas; Mason in nine states and William in fourteen, while Michael still ruled at the top in Delaware and New Jersey, and Jayden was first in Florida, Benjamin in Massachusetts, and Ethan in Nevada.

Other top-5 names:

Aiden#4 in Delaware, 5 in Louisiana and Mississippi

Alexander#4 in Arizona and Colorado, 2 in Washington State, Washington DC and Illinois

Benjamin#1 in Massachusetts, 2 in Maine, 3 in Rhode Island, 4 in Oregon and 5 in New Hampshire

Bentley (81 nationally!)-#5 in West Virginia

Carter–# 5 in Idaho and Michigan, 3 in Iowa, Wyoming and South Dakota, 4 in Maine and Nebraska

Daniel#5 in Arkansas, and Texas 3 in California

Easton (88!)5 in North Dakota

Elijah#2 in New Mexico, 3 in North Carolina, Tennessee and Oregon, 4 in Georgia and Louisiana, 5 in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina and Arkansas

Henry#3 in DC, 4 in Minnesota

Hunter#4 in West Virginia and Wyoming, 5 in Montana

Jack#4 in North Dakota

Jackson–#3 in Colorado and Maine, 5 in Kansas, 4 in Missouri and NH

James#3 in Alabama, Utah and South Carolina, 4 in Arkansas and Tennessee, 5 in Georgia, 4 in Kentucky

Jaxon–#5 in Oklahoma

John#4 in Alabama, Mississippi and DC,

JosephNumber 4 in New Jersey

Josiah (69)#5 in New Mexico

Logan#4 in Pennsylvania, 5 in Hawaii, Wisconsin and Minnesota

Matthew#5 in California, 2 in New Jersey

Owen#4 in Iowa and Wisconsin, 2 in Vermont

Ryan#4 in Massachusetts

Samuel#4 in Idaho, 5 in Maine and Utah

Wyatt#4 in Alaska and Montana, 2 in Idaho and Wyoming

And again moving on to the Top 10 lists, some standouts:

Anthony#10 in Florida, 6 in Nevada and New Jersey

Brayden (48)#7 in West Virginia

Brody (94!)#10 in Wyoming

Christopher#8 in Mississippi

David#8 in Texas

Dylan#10 in Connecticut

Eli#6 in North Dakota

Gabriel#16 in New Mexico, 10 in Montana

Gavin (49)#9 in South Dakota

Isaac#9 in Kansas, 6 in Nebraska

Jace (66)–#7 in Wyoming

Jose#6 in Texas

Joshua#8 in South Carolina

Landon#10 in West Virginia

Lincoln (95!)#9 in Utah

Lucas#6 in Michigan, 8 in Indiana, 10 in Maine and Massachusetts

Oliver#10 in Vermont

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.