Gender: Female Meaning of Noah: "rest; wandering" Origin of Noah: Hebrew

Noah Origin and Meaning

The name Noah is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "rest; wandering".

The ark-builder's spelling of this name was brought into the realm of female possibility when country singer Billy Ray Cyrus gave it to his daughter. If you love the sound of this name for a girl, you might more properly choose Noa, which sounds just the same and shares a Biblical origin but is a separate name with its own origin and meaning. Noa is very popular for girls in Israel as well as Spain and The Netherlands.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Says:


noah's ark is a fairy tale!

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Says:


because Noa looks feminine. and Noa is unisex too so....

penelope_lynson Says:


I can't see a difference between naming your son Elizabeth and naming your daughter Noah.

CJ Says:


Love this name for a girl! I love “boy” names for girls in general though, like Dyllan and Greyson.

sunshinexoxo Says:


I like it for a boy, but not for a girl.

dillon Says:


So basically... Noah's fine for a girl... but, for example, Artemis isn't good for a boy because it's the name of a Goddess? Noah's an important male character in the Bible but you know... that's fine -_-

LV51sfan91 Says:


Noa=girls. Noah=boys

Wittyusername103 Says:


Charles isn't fair game because of the man in the meaning. Names however like Noah are fair game because "rest" is genderless.

Floris Says:


I disagree. Calling your dd Carla or Henrietta? Why not. But Charles?!
Sure, there are some names with "weird" meanings (why would anybody call their daughter Andrea?!) but that doesn't change the fact that Noah is a clearly masculine name imo.

Wittyusername103 Says:


Feminists or feminism?

Wittyusername103 Says:


Not really. Noah means rest and Charles means "free man". If it is not explicitly a "man" or "son of" meaning it is fair game for feminization. Same with females names if it doesn't have a "woman" or "daughter of" it can be used for a boy. Some don't work yes but it doesn't mean it isn't fair game. Sorry if this felt like I was ranting but I'm sick of this comment for perfectly fair names.

Floris Says:


Same :) Noah does sound rather feminine, yes. But it just isn't...! It's like calling a DD Charles or Henrik... :(

georgiaO Says:


I hate feminists. But I agree that this name is not a girl's name.

PoppyOrangey Says:


I prefer Norah.

DaisyMaisie Says:


i just don't understand why this should be a girl name at all... noah`s ark, people! he is a boy!

clairelaliberte Says:


I think this would be a very cool name if Noah for boys wasn't so popular.

Nooshi Says:


Many versions of the bible spell the daughter of Zelophehad's name as Noah, rather than Noa- so I suppose you could say it is a pretty old, authentic, unisex name.

jordalini Says:


That is kind of her point I believe, That classic boys names become gender neutral

Guest Says:


Avery started out as a boys name but is now gender-neutral. Noah isn't gender-neutral.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


That statement could go either way. Why would people give a boy names like Avery when its so popular for girls?

jordalini Says:


I wouldn't, just saying I like it. It would be cruel to name a girl that, because this is the most popular boys name, but this spelling is prettier than the girl's, besides at least in my version of the bible the girl and the boy had the SAME spelling. I'm not religious, but it was something I took notice of in my bible as lit course.

Guest Says:


Why would people give a girl the most popular boy's name when there's an authentic girl's version that sounds exactly the same: Noa. I don't understand the logic. And yes I'm a feminist.

jordalini Says:


I LOVE this on a girl :)