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Gender: M Meaning of Leonardo: "brave lion" Origin of Leonardo: Italian and Spanish variation of Leonard, German Leonardo's Popularity in 2016: #95

For centuries this name was associated primarily with the towering figure of Italian Renaissance painter-scientist-inventor Leonardo da Vinci, and was scarcely used outside the Latin culture. But then along came Leonardo DiCaprio, who was supposedly given the name because his pregnant mother felt her first kick while looking at a da Vinci painting in the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, and who would make the name young and handsome and multi-cultural.

Leonardo is, along with other attractive Italian and Spanish names, rising rapidly, is now in the Top 100 at Number 95, and bringing nickname Leo along with it.

Famous People Named Leonardo

Leonardo Wilhelm "Leo" DiCaprio, American actor
Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance artist and inventor
Leonardo Fibonacci, Italian mathematician
Leonardo "Leo" Encinas Cruz, son of actor Javier Bardem and actress Penelope Cruz
Leonardo Fortunato Ponti, son of actress Sasha Alexander
Leonardo Toni (b. 2014), son of footballer Luca Toni and model Marta Cecchetto
Leonardo "Leo" Ángel Charles Baldwin, son of actor Alec Baldwin
Leonardo Fábregas Semaan, son of Spanish footballer Cesc Fábregas and girlfriend Daniella Semaan

Pop Culture References for the name Leonardo

Leonardo, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
One of the pressurized modules of the International Space Station
Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt, character in TV show, Charmed
Leonardo "Leo" Watch, character in Blood Blockade Battlefront