Marcus Origin and Meaning

The name Marcus is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "warlike".

Though ancient, Marcus now sounds more current than Mark, in tune with today's trend towards us-ending Latinate names.

Marcus, which is thought to be related to Mars, the god of war, was commonplace in classical Rome--not surprising as it was one of only about a dozen given names in use then. Among the most prominent were the emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius, the Marcus known to us as Mark Antony, and the politician, philosopher and orator Cicero.

Dr Marcus Welby was a staple on vintage TV, and since then we have seen the name in both the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises, as the protagonist of Nick Hornby's About a Boy, on Sons of Anarchy and Men of a Certain Age, and in Indiana Jones, The Blind Side, and Bad Santa.

Marcus Loew was the movie magnate behind MGM and Loew's theatres, and Marcus Allen was an Oakland Raiders superstar.

Marius is a related possibility.

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Marcus Popularity

Famous People Named Marcus

  • Marcus AureliusRoman Emperor
  • Marcus Antonius aka Mark AntonyRoman general and politician
  • Marcus Tullius CiceroRoman politician, philosopher and orator
  • Marcus Licinius CrassusRoman general and politician; wealthiest Roman of all time
  • Marcus Junius BrutusRoman politician; assassin of Julius Caesar
  • Marcus Mosiah GarveyJamaican civil rights leader
  • Marcus MillerAmerican jazz composer
  • Marcus CambyAmerican basketball player
  • Marcus SloanAmerican basketball player
  • Marcus MastinAmerican author
  • Marcus Carl FranklinAmerican actor
  • Marcus MumfordEnglish musician
  • Marcus Ardel Tafuna Taulauniu MariotaAmerican football quarterback; 2014 Heisman trophy winner
  • Marcusthe apostle Paul's fellowlabourer (Philemon 24)
  • Marcus CannonAmerican football player
  • Marcus MaileiAmerican football player
  • Marcus EasleyAmerican football player
  • Marcus TrufantAmerican football player
  • Marcus ThigpenAmerican football player
  • Marcus Edward TrescothickEnglish cricketer
  • Marcus Warren HaberCanadian soccer player
  • Marcus Paul "Marc" BlucasAmerican actor
  • Marcus MorrisAmerican basketballer; twin brother Markieff Morris
  • Marcus Terrell PaulkAmerican actor/rapper
  • Marcus ColomaAmerican actor
  • Marcus Nonius MacrinusRoman general and statesman
  • Marcus Lloyd ButlerBritish vlogger
  • Marcus KlevelandNorwegian snowboarder
  • Marcus SamuelssonEthiopian,Swedish celebrity chef
  • Marcus Gunnarsenpart of Norwegian pop duo Marcus & Martinus
  • Marcus DobreAmerican YouTuber; twin brother Lucas Dobre
  • Marcus James Jordan (b. 1990)son of basketballer Michael Jordan
  • Marcus Anthony Duggar (b. 2013)son of reality TV personality Josh and Anna Duggar
  • Marcus RashfordEnglish professional footballer

Marcus in Pop Culture

  • "Marcus WelbyMD," TV series
  • Marcus Little "Li'l Little"character on Disney and Disney XD TV show Suite Life on Deck
  • Marcus Eatoncharacter in the Divergent trilogy
  • Marcuscharacter in the Partials series
  • Marcus Lenamcharacter in "The Silver Eye," webcomic by Laura Hollingsworth
  • Marcus Pikecharacter on TV's "The Mentalist"
  • Marcus AndronicusTitus's brother in Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus"
  • Marcus Brewerboy in book/film "About a Boy"
  • Marcus Bozemancharacter on TV's "True Blood"
  • Marcus Vanstencharacter from the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"
  • Marcus Hastingscharacter in the novel "Demented" by Elise Noble
  • Marcus Viniciusmain character in Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel, "Quo Vadis"
  • Marcus Fortunatuscharacter in H. Rider Haggard's "Pearl Maiden"
  • Marcus Dixoncharacter on TV's "Alias"
  • Marcus Copelandcharacter in movie "White Chicks"
  • Marcus Burnettcharacter in movie "Bad Boys"
  • Marcus Colecharacter on TV's "Babylon 5"
  • Marcus Corvinusmain character in novels by David Wishart
  • Marcuscharacter in the Underworld films series
  • Marcus Didius Falcomain character in novels by Lindsey Davis
  • Marcus Johnsonson of Nick Fury in Marvel Comics
  • Marcus Flavius Aquilamain character in Rosemary Sutcliff's "Eagle of the Ninth"
  • Marcus Flintcharacter in the Harry Potter series
  • Marcus Kanecharacter on TV's "The 100"
  • Marcus Fenixmain character in the Gears of War video game series
  • Marcus Cartercharacter in the book "She is One of the Boys" by E.M. Molleja
  • Father Marcus Keanecharacter on TV's "The Exorcist"
  • Marcuscharacter in "Ouija"
  • Marcusvampire in the Twilight Saga
  • Neiman Marcusdepartment store
  • Marcus Hollowaymain character in the game "Watch Dogs 2"
  • Marcus Colerecurring character in the show 13 Reasons Why
  • Marcus Isaacsoncharacter in "The Alienist"
  • Marcus Kimcharacter in moview "Always Be My Maybe"
  • Marcus Goldmanmain character of "The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair" by Joël Dicker